Semesterstart - Student



A guide to the start of the semester for current students.

Don’t wait, register for the upcoming semester now.

  • By registering for the upcoming semester, you confirm your individual education plan in Studentweb and are registered for classes this coming semester. You have to go through the student registration process every semester.
  • When you have registered as a student, you will get access to your personal schedule on MyPage for students.
  • When you have completed your student registration, you automatically get access to your courses in Canvas (it may take up to two hours before you get access) and your curriculum. In Studentweb, you can also find the dates for your exams during the coming semester.

Pay the semester fee

Get your digital student ID

  • You can get your semester card and student ID as an app on your smartphone after having completed your student registration and paid the semester fee.

Find your schedule

Find your courses in Canvas

  • The day after registering you will get access to your subjects in Canvas.

Are you experiencing problems with your user account or password?

Remember that you must have your own computer

Do you need advice on how to finance your studies?

Student card

Admission rights