Zoom - Student



By using Zoom you can participate in big lectures, have meetings and participate in groups or seminars with smaller amounts of people.
  • Installing Zoom

    Zoom is available on PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. Download the Zoom client or app beforehand. To download and install Zoom, follow the guide on the Canvas website, under “English resources”.

    NB! Choose Sign in with SSO and type in 'oslomet' after you've installed the Zoom Client.

  • What kind of equipment do I need?

    To make full use of Zoom, plug in your headphones and webcam.

  • Creating group rooms

    To make the connection run smoother, turn off all applications on your computer that you do not need for the meeting. Connect your headphones.

    • Start Zoom
    • Click "Schedule"
    • Fill out "Topic", "Start" and "Duration"
    • Click the blue "Schedule" button on your bottom right
    • Copy the meeting URL, meeting identification number and password, and send it to the participants.

  • Actively participating

    In Zoom, find the buttons “Raise hand” and “Chat” under “Participants”.

    Click “Raise hand” to get the attention of the lecturer if you have a question or a comment. Use the chat for communicating in writing.

  • Using video and microphone

    It may be a good idea to mute your microphone and turn off video in a large group. This will make the application use less data which can help it run smoother. The lecturer may also turn off the microphone option for the whole group.

  • Sharing files and resources

    You cannot upload files and resources directly in a Zoom meeting, but you can share your screen. You can also paste links to OneDrive files/Sharepoint files/documents in the chat.  

  • What do I need to know about recording lectures?

    • If the lecturer is making a recording, you will be notified.
    • Do not record without permission. You have a responsibility to uphold the privacy of your fellow students.
    • In most cases you can choose if you want to be visible or not or if you want to actively participate.
    • If you are visible and regret it later, you can ask for the recording to be deleted or edited.
    • The chat is not a part of the recording.
    • Do not share sensitive personal data during the lecture.

    Read more about privacy and recording.

  • Safety in Zoom

    The security of the video solution Zoom is much discussed. OsloMet has taken measures to reduce the risk. It is important to update Zoom when new updates are available. 

    Find out more about the security around Zoom and the precautions OsloMet has taken