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Lecture schedules

Lecture schedules

Are you wondering when the schedule will be published and where to find your schedule? On this page you will find user manuals and information about your personal schedule.

Dates for schedule publishing by semester

  • 1 December for spring semester
  • 1 June for autumn semester
  • Where can I find the schedule?

    You can find your personal schedule in your Outlook calendar. Click on the activity in the schedule to get more information about the classes

    You can also access the schedule by logging into student.oslomet.no.

    Alternative way to access your personal schedule:

    • Go to tp.educloud.no/oslomet

    • Select "Courses and activities"

    • Click on "Get courses and groups from Studentweb"

    Your personal schedule shows all common lectures for all the courses you are enrolled in, as well as group sessions and classes if you are registered for them. The schedule also includes exams you are registered for.

    Please note:

    • You must complete semester registration to view your personal schedule.
    • You must be registered in groups and classes to see the schedule. For some study programs and courses, registration for groups and classes may occur close to the start.
    • You can find more information about the classes by clicking on the activity in the schedule.
    • Teaching that takes place outside of OsloMet's premises, such as internships, excursions, fieldwork, and the like, may not always appear in the schedule.

    New student or applicant?

    You can search for your program from the front page of student.oslomet.no. There, you will see an example of a schedule. The schedule is sorted by common lectures and group sessions. Normally, you will only follow one group per course, and you will be informed of which group to follow after completing your semester registration.

  • Switching between monthly, weekly, and list views in the schedule

    The schedule on 'My page' offers several possible views:

    • You can choose whether you want to view common and group sessions together or separately.

    • You can select monthly, weekly, and list views.

  • I want to view my schedule in an external calendar or on my mobile device

  • Book group study rooms

  • MazeMap - Indoor Navigation

    Use MazeMap to navigate on campus. MazeMap shows you where a room is located within a building. You can also find a link to MazeMap in your schedule.

  • I want to view the schedules for various electives, other courses, or different classes and groups

    If you want to check the schedules for various electives, other courses, or different classes and groups, you can refer to the subject schedules in TP

    • Ensure you are on the correct semester (top right).

    • If you know the subject code, enter the code in the "Choose course" box.

    • If you don't remember the subject code, you can click on your faculty and department. This will list all subjects. Check the ones that apply. You can select multiple subjects.

    • Once you have the subject's schedule open, you can add other subject codes by simply typing the code in the box.

    We recommend selecting "Show weekly schedule" on the right. It makes the schedule easier to read. Alternatively, you can choose "view weekly schedule" on the right. In the weekly view, you will need to check the year and choose how many weeks you want to see at once

  • Procedures and Guidelines for scheduling

Contact information

Contact information

If you need help with your lecture schedule, please send us an e-mail.

Lecture schedules

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