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Lecture schedules

Lecture schedules

On how to access your lecture schedule.

Dates for schedule publishing by semester

  • 1 December for spring semester
  • 1 June for autumn semester

Where can I find my schedule?

Your individual schedule

Your individual schedule will be accessible after you have completed your semester registration. When registration is completed, you will find your schedule at student.oslomet.no. Your individual schedule will contain class tutorials for all your courses, as well as group tuition. Please note! Off-campus tuition (i.e. practical training, excursions, fieldwork) may be missing in your schedule. Further information about tuition will appear in Canvas.

For new students

Non- and future students may find lecture schedules by programme search at student.oslomet.no. There you will find tentative schedules for the main courses of a given programme.


  • Go to student.oslomet.no
  • Search by programme name to find correct study programme
  • For course schedules click on the link at the top of the page

Lecture schedules are sorted by class tuition and group tuition. Information about which group to participate in will be given after semester registration. You will normally participate in one group only for any given course. Note that group distribution may happen close to semester start for some courses.

See the timetable for more electives - user guide

If you want to check the schedule for various electives, you can check the course plans in TP (tp.uio.no).

  • Make sure you are on the right term (right)
  • If you know the course code, enter it into the "select course" field
  • If you do not remember the course code, click on your faculty. You will list all topics. Tick the ones that apply.
  • When you have the timetable for the course, tick "Add more courses" just below the coursecode and enter the course code(s) you want
  • We recommend that you select "Sort by Calendar Week" on the right. This will make it easier to read the schedule.

Contact information

Contact information

If you need help with your lecture schedule, please send us an e-mail.

Lecture schedules

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