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Master’s Programme in Applied Computer and Information Technology (ACIT) Study information

Pilestredet, Oslo
Spring 2023


This schedule only shows the preliminary schedule for the first study year - existing students may log in to view their schedule.

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Course descriptions and curriculum

Applied Computer and Network Security

Subject code ACIT4050
Credits 10.0

Globalisation of Technology

Subject code ACIT4090
Credits 10.0

Master's Thesis, Phase 1

Subject code ACIT5910
Credits 10.0

Interaction Styles and Technologies for Accessibility

Subject code ACIT4930
Credits 10.0

Special Robotics and Control Subject

Subject code ACIT4830
Credits 10.0

Special biomedical engineering subject

Subject code ACIT4730
Credits 10.0

Internet of Things

Subject code ACIT4015
Credits 10.0

Advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Subject code ACIT4630
Credits 10.0

Interdisciplinary Innovation: using diversity to solve complex problems

Subject code ACIT4200
Credits 10.0

Data Mining at Scale: Algorithms and Systems

Subject code ACIT4530
Credits 10.0

Infrastructure Services and Operations

Subject code ACIT4430
Credits 10.0

Mathematical Analysis

Subject code ACIT4330
Credits 10.0

Program plan

Semester start Autumn 2022 – Master’s Programme in Applied Computer and Information Technology (ACIT)

Semester start Autumn 2022 – Master’s Programme in Applied Computer and Information Technology (ACIT)

Welcome to OsloMet! Here you will find all you need to know about starting your studies in The Master’s Programme in Applied Computer and Information Technology (ACIT).

Mandatory attendance 12 August

It is mandatory to attend the first day of class, as you will be registering on this day. If you do not attend, your admission to study will be revoked.  

Semester start: 12 August at 10:30-12:30 in Pilestredet 35, Ellen Gleditschs hus, room: PH170, Gerd Hagens auditorium

You will also find the exact time and place for your attendance in the timetable above.  

See map and find rooms at campus Pilestredet ( 

You must accept the offer of admission in Søknadsweb within the given deadline. Please get in touch with as soon as possible if you have accepted your offer, but are unable to participate in the programme. Remember to include your application number in the email. 

Checklist for new students 

Please see our checklist for new international students. 

Access to OsloMet's systems  

 You will receive a username, activation password and pin code by e-mail and SMS the week before the start of your studies. If you have not received this before the first day of study, you must contact your faculty.   

After you have received this, you must activate your user account, and 24 hours after this you can log in to to find your personal schedule and shortcuts to all the tools you need in your everyday study.   

Buddy week 

Information about buddy week   

Sick the first day and exemption 

If you are not able to attend the first day due to illness or other compelling reasons, you must apply for an postponed study start. Please send an application to 

  • Complete name    

  • Study programme 

  • Date and time of when you will be able to attend.     

You can apply for exemption from a course or an examination if you have already passed an equivalent course/examination. It is not possible to apply for exemption before you start your studies.     

Classes, groups and session dates  

Lectures during your first semester can be found under Schedule further up on this page.  

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