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Pre-Arrival Guide

Pre-Arrival Guide

Before arriving in Norway, make sure you complete the steps listed here. These are relevant for international exchange students, and international Master students. Please note: due to the coronavirus situation, changes may occur.

Accept your place and notify OsloMet of any special needs

Master's Degree students

Accept your place in "Søknadsweb". The deadline is approximately 10 days after receiving your offer.

Exchange students

Accept your place and notify us of special needs through the online Declaration of Acceptance form. The deadline is 28 October and 27 May.

You will  find more information about the relevant online form in your Admission Letter from OsloMet.


Students are responsible for finding their own housing in Norway.

OsloMet has a very limited number of student accommodation available for the spring semester. If you have applied for housing at SiO, please contact them directly to know the status of your application.

OsloMet has arranged for alternative housing at hotels in Oslo. As incoming students to OsloMet you have received an email with information about this offer. If you have any questions on housing, please email us at:

Procedures due to Covid-19

As the Covid-19 pandemic to a large degree effects international travelling, we kindly ask you to complete the following steps before departure and upon arrival in Norway:

Before departure

Please make sure to bring the following documents with you in paper copies when leaving for Norway:

A certificate of negative Covid-19 test

The test must be taken less than 72 hours before entry. If you do not present a certificate, you may be refused entry. For more information, please read: Coronavirus in Norway: Travel advice -

Mandatory registration of arrival to Norway for all persons

The registration form ( can be completed online, or paperbased. Please note that the journey can only be registered when it is less than 72 hours to the time of entry.

Please note that students with SiO housing should all tick of the box: “I will undergo quarantine at a quarantine hotel”. The Ministry of Education has decided that SiO housing is not suitable for the mandatory quarantine stay for incoming students. If you have rented a private residence that fulfill all the requirements mentioned under part three, you need to have the person renting you the residence fill out this part of the form.​​​​

The admission letter

Please make sure to bring the admission letter from OsloMet stating your name and the confirmation of your admission to studies at OsloMet for the Spring semester 2021.

Documents confirming a place of residence in Norway

If you do not have a signed housing contract upon departure, please bring documents or printout(-s) of emails confirming that you have a place to live in Norway. The documents need to contain information to a contact person at your place of residence in Norway.

Confirmation of coverage of costs for quarantine stay

When you have informed OsloMet about the date of your arrival in Norway and before your departure, you will receive a document by email called “Confirmaton of coverage of costs for quarantine stay”. The document is for you to show at the reception of the quarantine hotel upon your arrival (see the point below).​​​​

Mandatory testing for travellers to Norway

The government has imposed mandatory testing for Covid-19 for all travellers to Norway ( from January 2nd. If you travel to Norway by plane, you will most likely be tested at the airport. The test is free of charge. Travellers must enter Norway through border stations with testing facilities or through border stations with police control. 

10 day quarantine upon arrival

Please note that it is mandatory for all international students to spend 10 days in quarantine upon arrival in Norway, before you move into your housing.

You will receive an email from OsloMet about your quarantine hotel a few days before arrival.

It is not possible to book other hotels or private accommodation. You will have full-board accommodation at the hotel during the quarantine period.

Please make sure to bring enough money to travel by train or bus from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to the city centre of Oslo. If your quarantine hotel is in the city centre, you will have to arrange for the transport from the airport to the hotel yourself. Oslo Airport is a small airport, it’s easy to find your way around it and all the staff members at the airport speak English. Information about how to travel from the airport to the city centre can be found here: Transport city centre - Oslo Airport, Gardermoen (

The general rule is that as a private person you should pay an individual share of NOK 500 per day at the hotel, making it a total of NOK 5000 for 10 days. OsloMet will cover this cost for you. A confirmation letter will be sent to you by email before your departure (see the point “Before departure”).

When you have arrived at the quarantine hotel/residence

Please send an email to: with a copy to your international coordinator to let us know that you have arrived safely.

Moving from quarantine hotel to accommodation

After you have completed your quarantine stay you will receive a document from your hotel to prove you have been in quarantine. When you have received this document, you can move into your SiO housing or private accommodation. Please note that you cannot move into SiO housing before 5th January 2021.

Register or apply for Residence Permit and Visa

Get health insurance

As a student you need to have some form of health insurance during your stay in Norway. What kind of insurance depends on your nationality and the length of your stay. Please make sure your insurance covers Covid-19 relating issues.

Orientation Day

Due to unforeseen incidents outside OsloMet's control, the date for the Orientation Meeting is moved. The new date is 18. January 2020. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Orientation day is a kick-start to settle in as a student in Norway and at OsloMet. Due to the coronavirus situation, the orientation day will be in a digital format.

Start dates for the courses

Check your Admission Letter for individual start dates.