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Residence Permit and Visa for Non-EU/EEA Citizens

International students from non-EU/EEA countries, staying in Norway for more than 3 months must apply for a student residence permit.

All non-EU/ EEA citizens must apply for a residence permit. In addition, you may also need to apply for a visa depending on your nationality.

Before coming to Norway

  • Apply for a residence permit, and visa if applicable . The UDI website has the information you need to apply. Check if you need a visa (UDI).   If your country is not on the list, you have to apply for a visa.

How to apply

  • You should apply before you come to Norway, and as soon as you have been granted admission.
  • Register your application online: Application Portal Norway.

In the application:

  • When asked "where are you applying from" choose "Outside Norway"
  • Fill in your personal information
  • When asked for a Norwegian address, enter our address if you do not already have one in Norway:
    OsloMet Student Centre- International Students
    PO Box 4, St Olavs Plass
    Post code 0130
  • OsloMet's organisation number: 997 058 925
  • You are obliged to register with the police after arrival.
    If you arrive in Oslo around the official start of the semester, we can book an appointment with the police for you. We will contact you with time and date for your appointment at the beginning of the semester.
  • This does not apply to students arriving outside the first weeks of the semester, or those who already have held a residence permit in Norway. In those case, you will need to book your own appointments, contact UDI if you have questions.
  • If asked whether the applicaiton should be sent to the reference you listed, chose 'no' as this has no relevance for your application.
  • You will be required to hand in your documents in person at your assigned embassy/consulate/visa centre.

Cannot find your country in the Application Portal? Not all countries are listed. If this is the case, please check on UDI.no  

Required documents

  • Copy of a valid passport, all printed pages
  • Copy of Letter of Admission
  • Confirmation to the UDI. This is a letter from OsloMet to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) sent to you along with your Letter of Admission. This is also your proof of housing.
  • Documentation of financing
  • Two passport-sized photos on white background
  • Documentation that you have paid the application fee (receipt)
  • UDI checklist signed and printed

Questions or problems?

Documentation of finances for visa purposes

One of the documents necessary for your visa/ residence permit application is a document proving you have sufficient money to cover your stay in Norway. Therefore, even though OsloMet does not charge tuition fees, all students must transfer a set amount of money to a Norwegian bank account.

  • Bilateral exchange students from visa exempted countries do not need to document their finances.
  • EU/EEA students do not need to document their finances.

You can either transfer the required amount to a Norwegian bank account in your own name if this is applicable, or deposit the amount in the SiO  Residence Permit Deposit Account for international students.

Required amount

The total amount to deposit is

  • NOK 116 369 for the full academic year 2018/2019
  • NOK 62 224  for one semester 2019
    Note: UDI will update the amount on their website soon. The amount which is written here will still be valid this year.

The SiO Visa Deposit Account for International Students

Only students from outside the EU/ EEA area with a Letter of Admission from OsloMet can use the Deposit Account.

The money must be transferred in your full name, as written in your passport. If you use sponsors, they must make sure that your full name is attached to the transfer.

How to use the Deposit Account

We have recently updated the proceedure for using the residence permits deposits accoun. please read carefully.

  1. Register a new user account with https://www.sio.no/en/ (Click on "my page menu", click on "Residence permit deposit account", follow the instructions there. When asked for a student card, just write "123456"
  2. Once you register, SiO will review your application and you will receive an invoice with the bank details for SiO and your customer identification number. 

Please be aware that the banks involved will charge a fee for your transfer.

Receipt of your deposit

To receive a receipt you must have registered to use the Deposit Account and transferred the money.

It will take at least 10 working days, but SiO's Account Office will send you a receipt as soon as they receive confirmation from the bank that the deposit is complete. The timeframe depends on how quickly the banks transfer the money. We are unable to speed up this process.

  • Use the receipt from SiO, and your own receipt for the transfer, to document that you have sufficient money to cover your stay in Norway.
  • Submit both receipts to the Norwegian Embassy/Consulate/Visa Centre in your home country along with your application and the other required documents.

How do I access the money?

If you have deposited money to SiO's visa deposit account in connection with your residence permit/visa application, you have several options:

  • If you' are going to be staying in SiO accommodation, you can use the money you have transferred to pay your housing deposit. You can also use this money to pay your rent. If you want to do this,  please e-mail SiO's Accounting office at ustdep@sio.no and ask them to make the transfer.
  • You can withdraw a portion of the amount (NOK 22 000) in cash cards at the beginning of the semester. The cash cards can be collected by appointment at SiO's accounting office. The dates that you can collect the cash card will be posted here as soon as possible. More information will be given to you at the Orientation Meeting.
  • Please note that you should still have an amount of money available to fund your first 5-6 weeks in Norway.
  • You will have the (remaining) money refunded once you have a Norwegian bank account. As this depends on receiving a Norwegian ID number first, it can take up to two months before you can access the full sum. Once you have a bank account you can fill out this form and SiO will transfer your money.