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Checklist for new international students

Welcome to OsloMet! Here are the most important things you need to do after receiving your application.

Follow the checklist to get ready for studying at OsloMet. You will receive your student number and your PIN code the week before the start of studies.

  • 1. Complete the steps in the Pre-arrival Guide 

    Before arriving in Norway, make sure you complete the steps in the Pre-arrival Guide which includes applying for student housing and registration with the Norwegian immigration authorities. 

  • 2. Receive PIN code letter and activate your IT-account

    You should receive an e-mail with your student number (s+student number, e.g. s123456), PIN code and activation password for your user account no later than one week before you start. Please note that the e-mail may be found in the spam filter, so we recommend that you check your spam. If you have not received the e-mail before the first day, please contact or

    Log in with your student number and activation password at to activate the account, create your own password and activate two-factor authentication. After up to 24 hours, you are able to log in to Canvas and Studentweb. 

  • 3. Register for the semester before 1 February. 

    All students need to register before each semester. Log on to Studentweb with your username and password. 

    Follow the 'Start Registration' link in Studentweb and complete all the steps. For most students a confirmation of your individual education plan is part of the registration. 

  • 4. Pay the semester fee before 1 February (if applicable) 

    International Master's degree students must pay a mandatory fee each semester. You find all payment information by logging in to Studentweb

  • 5. Bring your own laptop 

    All students at OsloMet must bring their own laptop. You get Office 365 with Word, Powerpoint, Excel, cloud services, e-mail and other tools for free. You find those tools when you sign into My Page for students.

  • 6. Show up for your first day of courses 

    For full degree students, please see your Admission Letter for individual start dates.

    For exchange students, please refer to the online schedule for start dates per course. The timetables will be updated early December for the spring semester, and early June for the autumn semester.

    Information about the academic year and holidays in Norway

  • 7. Get a student card 

    • The student card (together with you PIN code) gives you access to buildings and classrooms, functions as a library card and allows you to use the printer. You can collect your student card from the Card Centre in Pilestredet 46 within their opening hours. Remember to bring a valid ID when you collect your card. 
    • In order to qualify for student discounts you need a student card (with your picture on it)  and a separate semester card, which proves that you have registered for the semester and paid the semester fee (if applicable). You can get the semester card as an app on your smartphone or on paper