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Student card

Student card

How to obtain and use your student card.

What can I use my student card for?

Always bring your student card. It is used

  • as an electronic key to the buildings and rooms,
  • as a library ID-card,
  • to collect print-outs, (also possible by signing in with your username and password)
  • as a student ID-card, when presented together with the Student ID App or semester card.

Where can I get the card?

Campus Pilestredet:

In Pilestredet 46, in the reception.

Time/Opening Hours:

Workdays 08:00 - 15:00.

Campus Kjeller:

Your can get your new card behind the Service Center (reception).

Opening hours

Workdays 14:00 - 15:00.


You will be informed by your lecturer about when and where you and the rest of your class can pick up your cards.


Your portrait will be kept in our security system in accordance to Norwegian legislation concerning privacy protection. And, as long as you do not opt-out, it will also appear on our administrative systems for purposes of teaching and internal communication. The opt-out possibility is always available on your user account in Studentweb  (under Profile-> Picture reservation on external network).

Lost or damaged card?

If your card is lost or damaged, you should order a new one as soon as possible. This invalidates the lost card and protect your fellow students' premises from any unauthorised access. The new card will be available at the Card Centre in Pilestredet 46, or in the Service Centre at Kjeller, according to your choise.

Student ID

The student card is valid as a full student ID (necessary for buying reduced fares or tickets) only in tandem with a valid Student ID App or semester card.

Access to buildings and rooms

The student card also serves as an access card (electronic key), during the opening hours shown here. For this you also need to know the:

PIN code

The same four numbers you once used for activating the user account are also used on the card readers during evenings and week-ends.

  1. Place the card over the keypad. (If a click from the can be heard, or the indicator is green, the lock is already open)
  2. Slowly enter the code (without gloves).
  3. The indicator blinks green when access is permitted. In case of malfunction please call our security services on (+47) 40 911 000 (or write to

Contact us

Contact us

The Card Centre in Pilestredet

Phone :
E-mail :
Place/Address :
Pilestredet 46
Time/Opening Hours :
08:00 - 15:00