Læringsmiljø og utdanningskvalitet - Student

Learning environment and educational quality

Learning environment and quality of education

Learning environment and quality of education

Information on health, environment, security (HSE), learning environment and your rights as a student.

Regular evaluations

State your opinion via OsloMet's regular evaluations and surveys.

Insurance for students

OsloMet is a self-insurer. This means that the university can not make insurances for its students. Find out more about how you make sure that you are insured if an injury should happen.

The Learning Environment Committee

The Learning Environment Committee (LMU) is an advisory body at OsloMet that assists the University Management on issues related to the students’ learning environment.

Report it!

OsloMet should be a good place to be. We are depending on your feedback to be able to make sure that your everyday life at campus is as good as possible.

Security at OsloMet

OsloMet works systematically to insure that people, information and materials are protected against abuse, injury or loss.

The Ombudsperson

The Ombudsperson for Students is an impartial person giving advice to students at OsloMet.

Unwanted events (health, environment and safety)

Student health, environment and safety are safeguarded by OsloMet, in addition to making sure that laws, regulations and internal procedures are being followed. If you or your co-students should experience any unwanted events, read here.