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The Learning Environment Committee

The Learning Environment Committee

The Learning Environment Committee (LMU) is an advisory body at OsloMet that assists the University Management on issues related to the students’ learning environment.


LMU aims at initiating and following-up issues related to your physical and psychosocial environment at OsloMet. LMU will also participate in the planning of measures related to the learning environment and issues concerning your safety and welfare.

Student representatives

September 2023 – July 2024

Student members in LMU:

  • Bendik Kaurin Evertsen
  • Marianne Lien
  • Hasan Ali
  • Hanne Louise Samuelsen
  • Milly Meyer

Substitute members, students:

The Student Parliament will appoint substitute members.

The committee consists of an equal amount of students and staff members. The appointment as leader alternates annually between student and staff member. During the academic year 2021/22 the committee is directed by the acting vice-rector for Education.

‘The Department of Academic Affairs performs secretary duties for the committee.

The Student Welfare Organisation in Oslo (SiO), represented by Trond Morten Trondsen is invited as observer on the LMU meetings. The studentombud and coordinator for study experience from OsloMet administration are also observers. 

Staff representatives

September 2023 – July 2025

  • Silje Fekjær, vice-rector for Education
  • Vigdis By Kampenes, director Division Organization and Infrastructure
  • Anders Graver Knudsen, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Tollak Landa, Faculty of Technology, Art and Design
  • Vibeke Seland Ramm, Department of Academic Affairs
  • Gry Bettina Moxnes, University Library OsloMet

Substitute members, staff:

  • Håkon Solberg, Department of Academic Affairs
  • Mariann Hole, Department of Facilities Management
  • Kari Hjerpaasen, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Silje Anette Holmen, Faculty of Education and International Studies
  • Michelle Storakeren, Department of Academic Affairs
  • Julie Backer, Department of External Relations and Communications

Contact LMU

Contact LMU

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