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The Learning Environment Committee

The Learning Environment Committee (LMU) is an advisory body at OsloMet that assists the University Management on issues related to the students’ learning environment.


LMU aims at initiating and following-up issues related to your physical and psychosocial environment at OsloMet. LMU will also participate in the planning of measures related to the learning environment and issues concerning your safety and welfare.

Let us know!

Please contact us if you

  • experience essential scarcities or faults (sound, light, air, temperature, cleaning) in classrooms, auditoriums, restrooms or other rooms at OsloMet
  • experience problematic access and practicability
  • experience inadequate access on computer equipment
  • experience getting insufficient information related to your study programme
  • experience delayed administrative procedures or poor service towards students  
  • have views on how the welfare services may be improved
  • experience other issues affecting your study environment negatively

Student representatives

1 August 2019- 31 July 2020

Student members in LMU:

  • Vilde Henningsgård, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Haranni Umakanthan, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • HaiWei Shen, Faculty of Technology Art and Design
  • Elsa Kuvene Skaret, Faculty of Education and International Studies
  • Eskil Uggen, Faculty of Education and International Studies

Substitute members, students:

  • Anna Rebekka Løvmo, Faculty of Education and International Studies

The committee consists of an equal amount of students and staff members. The appointment as leader alternates annually between student and staff member. During the academic year 2019/20 the committee is directed by an employee.

‘The Department of Academic Affairs performs secretary duties for the committee.

The Student Welfare Organisation in Oslo and Akershus (SiO) is invited as observers on the LMU meetings.

Staff representatives

1 August 2015- 31 July 2019

  •     Egil Trømborg, Dean at Faculty of Technology, Art and Design
  •     Pierre Wijnen, Section for Facilities Management and User Support
  •     Anne-Berit Gregersen, Department of Research and Library
  •     Majken Solberg, Faculty of Technology, Art and Design
  •     Anne Berit Walter, Faculty of Health Sciences
  •     Ingrid Stensland, Department of External Relations and Communications

Substitute members, staff:

  •     Sarah J. Paulson, Faculty of Education and international studies
  •     Christian Trampe-Ewert, Management Advisory Services
  •     Ingunn Nilsen, Learning Center and Library
  •     Torgrim Eggen, Faculty of Technology, Art and Design
  •     Lise Kleppe, Faculty of Social Sciences
  •     Erik Stewart, Department of External Relations and Communications

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