Health, safety and the environment (HSE) - Student

Health, safety and the environment (HSE)

Health, safety and the environment (HSE)

OsloMet shall safeguard the student's health, safety and working environment and ensure compliance with laws and regulations and internal procedures.

Have you been injured while working in a laboratory or a workshop?

If you are injured in a laboratory or workshop, your teacher, supervisor or the person responsible for the course/subject shall help you to report the incident. The nonconformity itself will be followed up by your department.

Have you been injured during practical training?

When you undergo practical training in an enterprise/institution, you are treated as an ordinary employee.

If you are injured during practical training, you must report the incident in accordance with the procedures of the enterprise/institution in which the practical training takes place. Inquire about how this is done in the place where you are training. The enterprise/institution where you are being trained is responsible for following you up and for reporting any injuries to NAV. You must also register the injury in OsloMet's nonconformity system.

Injury and Infection - especially relevant for students in the health sciences

How should you respond if you have been injured or infected while participating in a work placement (supervised professional training)?

If you have experienced a cut or have had your skin pierced by a sharp object, you should have a blood test administered (Type O test) to indicate whether you were already infected at the time the injury took place. Having done this, you should take additional blood tests as recommended by the health care facility where you are on work placement.

Students participating in work placement are treated in the same way as employees of the healthcare sector in cases where there is a need to administer a prophylactic treatment in cases where there is a risk of inoculation infection.


It is important to report your injury as soon as possible, so that it is reported to NAV as a possible occupational injury. OsloMet does not cover medical expenses or treatment costs, so it is up to you to check with NAV what expenses NAV will cover.

Note that NAV will not reimburse expenses for private health service consultations.

In order to qualify for reimbursement, you must have reported the injury to NAV, and NAV must have assessed the injury and found it to be an occupational injury. Even if the injury is approved as an occupational injury, you are not guaranteed any financial compensation.

In principle, OsloMet is responsible for reporting the injury to NAV, but you can also do so yourself. Should the injury develop into an occupational injury, NAV must already have received documentation of where and when the injury was sustained in order for you to be entitled to benefits.

Unwanted sexual attention or harassment

Have you experienced unwanted sexual attention or harassment as a student at OsloMet?

  • Insurance for students

    As OsloMet is a state institution, it is not permitted to take out insurance for its students. This means that you have no insurance cover through OsloMet. You should therefore take out private insurance if you are working in an environment where you are exposed to risk.