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Regular evaluations

Regular evaluations

State your opinion via OsloMet's regular evaluations and surveys

We like to hear from you:

On instruction and supervision

  • Course evaluations take place during or at the end of each course.
  • You can also contact your student representative so that the two of you together can initiate a dialogue with your lecturer/supervisor.

On the study programme you attend

  • A nationwide questionnaire survey ('Studiebarometeret') is conducted every year in October for second-year students in bachelor's and master's programmes.
  • At the end of the spring semester, OsloMet conducts a questionnaire survey among students attending the final year of a bachelor's programme or of a four-year teacher training programme.

On how you are received as a first-year student

  • OsloMet conducts a questionnaire survey among first-year students attending bachelor's and master's programmes.

On the relevance of the study programme in relation to the labour market

  • Two years after completing your studies and starting work, your will receive a questionnaire form from OsloMet.