Emneplan forØAADM4200 International Strategy in a Global Economy


The course gives an understanding of different issues facing firms competing in international markets. This encompass both large and small and medium-sized firms (SMEs). The course has a special focus on Born Global firms (BGs), ie. firms going internationally from inception, but issues relevant for firms of all sizes are included in the course.  Increased knowledge of international challenges for large and smaller firms are essential for managerial decision making regarding, i.e the choice of markets, market entry modes, and the internationalization process. Recent research and articles will play a key role in the course. 

Anbefalte forkunnskaper

Business strategy and Marketing at a bachelor Level 





The student has

  • insight and deep understanding of internationalization 
  • understanding of globalization and how this affects internationalization issues for large and smaller firms,
  • a particular knowledge about born global firms 
  • basic and up-to-date knowledge of research and different dilemmas facing firms competing in international markets  
  • developed his/her ability to reflect and understand issues facing firms competing in international markets
  • theoretical knowledge of competing in international/global markets



The student is capable of 

  • analyzing complex and comprehensive internationalization issues
  • apply theory to real cases and issues


The student can

  • engage in analytical discussions of research articles and internationalization strategies


Course Outline 

Themes that will be elucidated: 

  • Globalization and global industries 
  • International strategy
  • International entry modes 
  • Internationalization process 
  • Born Global Firms
  • International New Ventures 
  • International market learning 
  • Corporate Social Responsibilty 

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

A combination of lectures, case discussions and student presentations. 

Arbeidskrav og obligatoriske aktiviteter

Successful completion of a minimum of two written assignments and one to two presentations (approx. 15 minutes) to be carried out in groups. In order to take the final exam, the assignments must be approved by the instructor. Students who fail to qualify, will be given another opportunity to submit new or improved assignments. 

Vurdering og eksamen

Individual written 5-hours exam will be held at the end of the semester. 

Hjelpemidler ved eksamen

One dictionary (Native language - English/English - native language or English-English).


Letter grading A-F.


The written exam is graded by one external and one internal examiner. 


Anita E. Tobiassen 

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International Strategy in a Global Economy
Høst: Masterstudium i økonomi og administrasjon
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Høst 2020: Masterstudium i økonomi og administrasjon