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Special examination arrangements

Special examination arrangements

Do you need special arrangements in connection with an examination because of a medical condition or other documented reasons? Then you can apply for special examination arrangements.
  • Different forms of special arrangements

    Already been granted single room during school exams?

    If you have been granted a single room during school exam, you will be given one of OsloMets computers, you should never use your own computer.

    Granted extra time during group assignment?

    I you have been granted extra time during group assignments, then you have to log on to the test (oslomet.inspera.no) before the ordinary deadline to create a group. Regardless of whether your deliver in a group or individually.  

    Oral or practical examination

    Contact your faculty for more information.

    Submitting an answer paper in another language than Norwegian

    You may upon application be granted to submit your answer paper in another language than Norwegian, Swedish or Danish (cf. The Regulations § 6-10). Please contact the Information Centre at your faculty or the Service Centre at Kjeller for more information.

    Alternative form of examination

    If you will struggle with completing an examination in its original form due to a chronic condition, you may apply for an alternative form of examination (cf. Regulations § 6-9). Please contact the Information Centre at your faculty or the Service Centre at Kjeller for more information.

  • Apply for special arrangements

    This is how you apply

    The deadline to apply for special arrangements has now expired. If you have an illness/injury which has occurred acutely after the deadline, please contact the Examination Office eksamen@oslomet.no for instructions.

    Deadlines for applying

    • Examination in the autumn semester: 1 September. Application form opens 1 August
    • Examination in the spring semester: 1 February. Application form opens 1 January


    You must have a certificate from a doctor or other expert stating which measures are being applied for and documenting your need. The documentation must contain information on the following:

    • The student's full name, birth and social security number
    • Signature and stamp from the doctor
    • Description of illness and/or functional impairment and what limitations this entails in the exam situation
    • Recommended facilitation measures
    • If the condition is chronic

    If you apply for special arrangements due to reading and writing difficulties, you must have a supplementary report from an expert.

    Documentation from a doctor/expert is considered indicative and must be taken into account, but is not binding. The special arrangements granted will not always be the one the student has applied for. A diagnosis in itself does not provide a basis for a specific type of special arrangement.

    When will you receive an answer?

    You will receive a written response within 15 working days of the application deadline. You can also see the decision on Studentweb under "Upcoming events" or under "Active courses."

  • Faculty examination regulations

    Also check additional information under your faculty. If you cannot find additional information for your course or your faculty, joint examination information applies.

  • Rules and procedures for special examination arrangements

    Rules and procedures relating to special arrangements in connection with examinations are stipulated in Regulations Relating to Studies and Examinations at OsloMet and Guidelines for Processing Applications Relating to Special Arrangements at OsloMet.

    “Candidates who due to medical or other reasons need special arrangements in connection with an examination or need to apply for an alternative form of assessment, must apply within the appointed deadlines. The need for special arrangements must be documented with a medical certificate or a certificate from other relevant experts”. (cf. Regulations § 6-9)

    The purpose of special arrangements is to compensate for the disadvantage the disability brings about, and at the same time ensure that the students, to the greatest possible extent, are tested on equal terms. The special arrangement shall not be so comprehensive that it will entail any advantages compared to other students.

  • Do you need special arrangements for your everyday study life?

The Central Examination Office

The Central Examination Office

The Examination Office answers practical questions about arranging the school exams in Silurveien and special arrangements in connection with examination.


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+47 67 23 50 10
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Time/Opening Hours :
The exam office is available on e-mail. The phone is open 09:00-15:00 in the period 2 May to 19 June.