Rettigheter og plikter - Student

Rights and duties

Rights and duties

An overview of your rights and duties as a student.

Leave of absence

You may apply for leave of absence in certain cases.

Acts and regulations

On this page you will find all acts and regulations applicable for you and your studies.

IPR policy for students

As a general rule, students own what they create or what results from their contributions in research projects or project assignments.

Administrative procedures and appeals

The administrative procedures at OsloMet are governed by the Public Administration Act. On this page you will find rules relating to preparatory proceedings, individual decisions and appeal against individual decisions.

Suitability assessment

Suitability assessments are completed to ensure that people in some occupations are fit to do the job that they are educated to do. That means that they in addition to their academic competence, also must be personally fit to do their job.

Student agreements

Your intellectual property rights are not protected by any particular act of law. As a rule, therefore, you will be deemed to be the owner of the results of your contributions to research projects and project assignments, unless otherwise agreed.