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IPR policy for students

IPR policy for students

As a general rule, students own what they create or what results from their contributions in research projects or project assignments.

Results and rights

The students own the results of research projects or project assignments unless otherwise agreed with OsloMet and/or other institutions or businesses. Rights of others must be clarified and laid downin an agreement prior to commencing the research project or project assignment.

One must consider and clarify whether the student and the supervisor/teacher should share the rights to the results if the latter has significantly contributed to the completion of the project assignment.

Students are encouraged to submit ideas with commercialisation potential to the faculty with a copy to the R&D section.


The students own the information generated unless the collection of information has been made possible thanks to substantial investments by OsloMet's resources (e.g. effort, money ...) and as long it does not conflict with rights of others. OsloMet must make an agreement with the student ahead of the project if it wishes to obtain property rights to a database in which the student owns parts of the contents. 

It is always recommended to make an agreement with OsloMet to clarify property rights in advance of the project. 

Student agreements

If the student cooperates with private or public business and industry on a master's or bachelor's thesis we recommend to stipulate a student agreement. This also applies if the student joins a research project already established at OsloMet or at other institutions.

Entering into agreements is voluntary for students. Students  that receive salary from OsloMet for their contributions must be treated as employees. 

Externally financed research

The research result ownership  must always be agreed upon when OsloMet cooperates with one or more external contractors on a project.

If the external contractor is to own all or parts of the research results, it must be made clear that the ownership of the results has been transferred to OsloMet from the students involved in the project, either by law or agreement.

Declaration of assignment for students

OsloMet has drawn up a template for a declaration of assignment that can be used and adapted to each case in which a student has contributed to the project results.

Upon signing of this declaration OsloMet obtains the right to assign the student's part of the project results to external partner(s).

A declaration of assignment must be signed for every research project to which the student has contributed.

The student will still have the right to be named and listed as the inventor (upon application for patent) and to use the results as documentation. The student is also entitled to publish the results in scientific journals, academic meetings and conferences, popular science articles and the like, but this is subject to any limits that may result from a signed agreement on postponed disclosure / confidentiality.


The increased use of digital tools and media in teaching has resulted in an increased need for knowledge about copyright. DelRett is a guidance service that allows you to ask questions about copyright and teaching to a committee of lawyers. The questions may relate to the use of film, text, image and sound.

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