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New requirement to have your own computer

All students must have their own computer from August 2017. Here you can get some advice.
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    All students must have their own computer


Why do I have to have my own computer?

We are going to become more digital here at OsloMet. We know that most students are already using their own equipment, and now we can adjust better for this.

The new requirement is in line with the changes in the Ministry of Educations user fee regulations (Norwegian content) , which allow institutions to require students to have their own laptop.

What kind of computer do I have to have?

You need a laptop with an updated operative system.

You also need software for word processing and spreadsheets. You get the Office-package for free as a student at OsloMet.

Min Side for studenter, e-mail, Canvas og Studentweb

Make Min side for studenter your home page and log in, then you have access to Canvas, Studentweb, e-mail, schedule and other information you need to be a student at OsloMet.

What other software I have access to?

As a student, you have access to a variety of free software. You have access to tools for analysis and data management, reference management, user surveys, the whole Office package, and much more!

Office 365: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Skype

All students at OsloMet get free Microsoft Office–suite, cloud services such as Outlook e-mail, Office Online and Onedrive through Office 365. 

Where should I save my documents?

All students at OsloMet have access to 1TB of free storage in OneDrive. Access through Office 365.  

How do I print from my own computer?

You must install "Pullprint» -multifunksjonsskriver on your computer.  

How do I connect to the wireless network with my own PC?

If you have a user account at OsloMet , you can log on to the wireless network "eduroam".

What will happen with computer labs and special rooms at OsloMet?

Certain rooms may be released and reallocated for purposes that are better adapted to a digital life.

We will investigate how these machines are used today, and also how many we need, where they will be and for what use.

You can still access computers at the library.

What about those who cannot afford a new computer?

We will constantly work in order to be able to use our systems regardless of if you have a new or old PC. The systems should work across operating systems, machine type and manufacturer.

For those who do not have the opportunity to acquire a computer, we will look at this at an individual level.

If you need more information about this, you can contact the Library in Pilestredet 48.

Can I borrow a computer for exams?

You can apply to borrow a PC for school examination of the examination office. The application must be justified by reasons such as technical failures, damage to your PC or that the pc cannot be fixed before the exam day.

The application form is digital and can be found under information on digital exam.

Questions about digital exam? Contact

Where can I get more help?

Help for setting up wireless networks, email and print


Location: Learning Center in P32, P35 or P48

Error when printing or refund of quota

Contact BIT / IT support. E-mail:

Toner or paper in the printer?

Contact your nearest desk or Learning centre.

Contact BIT for other IT issues

Here you can fint IT user guides and other IT support issues.

Phone: 67 23:55 55


Campus Pilestredet: Stensberggata 29, entrance Falbesgate 1.

Campus Basement: 2nd floor, main building

Phone hours:  Monday until Thursday. 08 to 15.45. Friday. 08-15.

Visiting hours: Monday-Friday. 09-15