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Free software, services and tools for students.

OsloMet offers a diversity of software for your studies. Microsoft Office 365 can be found for free at Other software can be downloaded for free. Some software can also be purchased to reduced prices at

  • Free software license for OsloMet students

    As a student, you have access to a variety of free software, some of these are: 

    Download licensed software from

  • Other free software

    Office tools, e-mail and reference management 

    Video meetings and digital lectures 

    Statistics and analysis 


    File sharing 

    Maps and geology 

    Audio and screen recording 

    • Audacity - tools for creating podcasts and audio recordings. 
    • CamStudio - recording screen/audio and streaming tool. 



    Operating systems 

    Ubuntu (Windows/Mac/Linux) - An operating system based on the Linux kernel. 

    Web publishing and programming 

    • BlueGriffon (Windows/Mac/Linux) - Web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG. Open source, cross-platform editor based on the rendering engine of Firefox. 
    • CodeAcademy (Windows/Mac) - Learn to code with JavaScript, HTML/CSS, JQuery. How to create webpages with JavaScript and HTML/CSS and learn basic programming. 
    • Jetbrains (Web Interface) - Learn how-to code using Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Objective-C or .NET technologies. 
    • Thimble (Windows/Mac) - An easy-to-use web development web application. Building websites with HTML/CSS in Firefox browser. 
  • Purchase software

    You can also purchase certain software to reduced prices. Visit

    Available software:

    • Statistica 

    • Sticky password 

    • Minitab 

    • EViews 

    • Win 10 and 11 

    • Norton Secure VPN 

    • Norton 360 Deluxe 

  • Install software on OsloMet equipment

    • On Windows and Macs owned by OsloMet you can download software from our software distribution center; Software Center (Win) or Managed Software Center (Mac)
      Skjermbilde: Software Center - her kan du søke etter ønsket programvare og installere på HiOA-PC
  • Security

    Always remember to install updates to software, applications and equipment you use for your studies as soon as possible to make it difficult to exploit possible security holes.

Contact IT Service Desk

Contact IT Service Desk

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