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The printing solution is called myPrint (Print-OsloMet. You can print from your own PC or Mac, OsloMet's PCs, from mobileprint.oslomet.no, or from your OsloMet e-mail.
  • How to print from PC or Mac

    Step 1 - Log in to myprint.oslomet.no

    Go to the website: https://myprint.oslomet.no/ - click "OsloMet Login"

    Login requires two-factor authentication


    Step 2 - Select Install Printer

    Once logged in, select "Install printer" at the bottom of the page.


    Step 3 - Select the correct operating system and download the package

    Select the correct operating system (depending on whether you have a Mac, PC with Windows or Linux, or Chrome) in the "Select Operating System" drop-down list

    Select "Download package" to start downloading myPrint to your machine.

    Follow the installation instructions.

    Step 4 - Windows install error

    Installation on a Windows PC may cause an error message saying "Windows beskytter denne PC-en".

    To complete the install choose "Mer info/More info", then choose "Kjør likevel/Run anyway" to complete the installation. MyPrint is a secure solution. 

    NB! The new queue that is installed is called myPrint. This means that you will no longer use the Pullprint queue. Printouts that you have not retrieved within 24 hours will be deleted.

  • Printing quota and prices


    You get a quota of 50 pages in black and white per semester (equivalent to 20 kroner).

    The print quota follows your user account every semester, ie from the autumn to spring semester, and from the spring to autumn semester if the study lasts several semesters or years.

    Note! In the spring of 2022, a new printing solution will be introduced. It will not be possible to buy a print quota for the rest of the spring semester. All students are therefore given an extra quota free of charge. If you need an additional quota until a new payment solution is in place, you can contact itservicedesk@oslomet.no.


    Size A4 per page:

    • B/W: NOK 0,40
    • Colour: NOK 2,00

    Size A3 per page:

    • B/W: NOK 0,80
    • Colour: NOK 4,00

    Prices are the same for print and copy.

    Note that the price is per page not per sheet. I.e. a sheet with text on both pages (duplex) is counted as two prints.

    Scanning is free.

  • Print from web site or email

    Print by web

    1. Log in to myprint.oslomet.no.

    2. Choose Browse, then add the document you want to print.

    3. You can choose Color, Black/White, Both sides and so on. Or click on Advanced options for more options.

    4. Your print will be ready after a short period of time. Pick it up at your closest printer at campus.


    Print by email

    1. Log in to Outlook, using your OsloMet IT account

    2. Compose a new email. Add the document you want to print. Your print comes in Black/White.

    3. Send the email containing your document to myprint@oslomet.no

    4. Your print will be ready after a short period of time. Pick it up at your closest printer at campus.

  • Print from a OsloMet PC

    1. Choose the queue "Print-OsloMet" when printing from a computer at OsloMet.
    2. Authenticate your student card on a Pullprint-printer and follow the insttructions.
  • Where are the printers?

Contact IT Service Desk

Contact IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk

Phone :
(+47) 67235555
E-mail :
Place/Address :
P48, 1st floor is closed: Temporary location in room P372 on the 3rd floor, P48
Time/Opening Hours :
Weekdays 08-18:30 (Fridays until 17:00)
Weekdays 09-16:00 (Fridays until 15:00)

Easter 2024 - Opening times for IT Service Desk at P46, Kjeller and P48. Monday 25.03 and Tuesday 26.03: 09.00-15.00. Wednesday 27.03: 08:00-12:00