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Semester fee

Semester fee

All full time degree students must pay the semester fee each semester in addition to registering in Studentweb. The semester fee total consists of several smaller fees. Below you will find details about the different fees.


  • Fall semester: 1 September
  • Spring semester: 1 February

SiO fee

All students must pay a semester fee to the The Foundation for Student Life in Oslo and Akershus (SiO). For each semester, the fee is 690 NOK. The fee helps fund SiOs student welfare services.

Exchange students are generally exempt from paying the fee.

For students qualifying for financial support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, the semester fee has to be paid and the semester registration completed before you get your loan or educational grant. Exception applies to students on a Quota programme. They will receive a certificate of debt which has to be signed and returned to Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund before they receive the loan.

Payment details can be found in Studentweb. To pay the semester fee you need to find the payment details in Studentweb. Log in with your Norwegian personal ID number (11 digits) and PIN code (4 digits). You will find the payment details under “Payment” in the menu. You must use the details to fill out a giro form at your local bank or post office or you can use it to pay the fee in an Internet bank.

Please note that the copy- and material fees are included on the invoice in Studentweb. Changes to the rates may occur.

Copy fee

All full degree students and free movers must pay a copy fee that covers expenses for teaching material and a print quota of 20 NOK each semester.

The copy fee is 220 NOK per semester for full-time students and 120 NOK for part-time students. 

Voluntary contribution to SAIH

Students at OsloMet are given the opportunity to support the Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund (SAIH) through the payment of the semester fee. 40 NOK of the fee will go SAIH. If you do not wish to support SAIH, deduct 40 NOK from the total amount of you invoice in Studentweb.

SAIH – Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund, works for academic freedom and access to quality higher education. SAIH supports 30 organizations in 7 countries in Latin America, Southern Africa and Asia. In addition to long-term development, they work with advocacy in Norway and internationally, to improve the conditions for education globally. SAIH is a politically independent organization and has the UN Declaration of Human Rights as a foundation for their work.

Material fee

Certain study programmes have an additional material fee because they use more materials. The exact amount for the material fee is listed on the study programme's website.

Have you already paid your Student Welfare Organisation fee?

You are not required to pay the Student Welfare Organisation (SWO) fee at more than one Norwegian institution. If you already have paid the fee to a different institution in Norway this semester, submit a screen shot of the payment (invoice) in Studentweb to your faculty admin and the fee will be waived. Please submit documentation a week ahead of the deadline at the latest. Note that your invoice includes other fees than the SWO, and must be paid within the deadline.

Refund of the semester fee

You can apply for refund of the semester fee if

  • you paid too much
  • you are not studying or taking an exam at OsloMet after all
  • you already paid the semester fee to another Student Welfare Organisation in Norway this semester.

Apply by filling out this application form (doc), send the application by mail or hand it over to the infocentre at your faculty.  

Deadline for applying for refund is September 15st for fall semester and February 15st for spring semester.