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Wireless network / Wi-Fi

Wireless network / Wi-Fi

If you have a OsloMet IT Account you can connect to the wireless network eduroam on campus. Our guests connect to the wireless network "OsloMet Guest".
  • Wifi - eduroam

    Network: eduroam

    Username: (e.g: or

    Password: OsloMet password

  • Wireless for Android and iPhone

    OsloMets wireless network is names "eduroam"

    Login ID 

    1. Username:, e.g. or
    2. Password: Your OsloMet password

    Automatic setup for Android

    1. Download the Eduroam file for Android (
    2. Add OsloMet username and password

    Manual setup


    Choose Eduroam from the list over available networks. Use the following settings and connect:

    1. EAP-method: PEAP
    2. Fase 2-authentication: MSCHAPV2
    3. CA-certificate: System certificate
    4. Certificate status: Do not approve
    5. Domene:
    6. Identity:
      1. e.g: or
    7. Password: OsloMet password


    Select Wi-Fi "eduroam"

    1. Add your username  and password
      1. Add username: OsloMet and password
      2. Student example: or
    2. Connect
    3. Certificate: Tap "Accept" (Godta) to accept the certificate to
  • Wireless guest network

    OsloMet Guest - Wireless guest network

    The wireless guest network "OsloMet Guest" is for guests/visitors without a user account on OsloMet. 

    Note! Students with a OsloMet username, or students/guests from other universities, can select the wireless network "eduroam".

    Connect to the guest network "OsloMet Guest"

    1. Connect to «OsloMet Guest»

    On your mobile device:

    • Under Network: Find «OsloMet Guest» from the list of networks / Wi-Fi.
    • Connect your device to «OsloMet Guest».

    2. Start a browser and open a webpage

    Open the following URL / web address:

    Error page or message: If you get an error page or message, please open a website with an unsecure access (http://), i.e.: Error occurs when you open a secure page, i.e. https: //.

    See the screenshot below of the self service portal.

    Skjermbilde av portalsiden til trådløst gjestenettverk ( ved HiOA.

    3. Login information

    • Name (optional)
    • Company (optional)
    • Mobile: Enter your mobile number - 8 digits (mandatory)
    • Tick: «I accept the terms of use» if you agree to the guidelines for use of the service.
    • End with the "Register"-button.

    You will receive a SMS with a password. The price is NOK 2,- per SMS and covers the service.

    Already received your password by SMS?

    Applies for iPhone or iPad.

    • Open the Web browser:
    • Select the link: «Already registered for Guest Wireless Access today? Click here»
    • Login:
      • Username: Your mobile number (8 digits)
      • Password: Sent by SMS.

    See screenshot under step 4.

    4. Login

    Please enter:

    • Username: Your mobile number (8 digits)
    • Password: Sent by SMS.
    • Click: Login

    The account is valid for 12 hours and can be used on up to three -3 - devices.

    See the screenshot below.

    Skjermbilde av brukernavn og passord ved innlogging til trådløst gjestenettverk ved HiOA.

    If any error message

    On some clients, e.g. on Mac computers, a message error certificate may occur when you open the browser to a page with secure access, i.e. https://


    Open a web page without a secure access, i.e. http, for example:

    The self service portal website for registration will then appear.

    The following error message may occur, see the screenshot below.

    Skjermbilde av feilmelding ved åpning av sikker nettside, https. Forsøk å åpne nettside med kun http.

    For any operational problems, contact IT Support:

  • How-to guides for eduroam wireless

  • Problems connecting to eduroam

    You may have trouble connecting your computer to eduroam on OsloMet after changing your password.

    The solution is to delete the eduroam profile stored on your computer as it saves your old passwords.

    Delete eduroam profile on Mac

    Before you delete your eduroam-profile you can try to update your eduroam keychain ( This might solve your problem.

    Alternative - delete eduroam-profile:

    • Go to System Preferences

    • Go to the Apple icon in the upper left of the screen.
    • Select: System Preferences ...
    • Select: Profiles
    • See screenshot below for System Preferences > Profiles.

      Skjermbilde for System Preferences under Profiles.

      2. Profiles

    • Click on / activate the "HiOA-eduroam" profile as shown in the screenshot below.
    • To delete the profile: Click on the minus [-] button at the bottom of the screen.
    • Screenshot below showing which profiles are stored under Profiles including "HiOA-eduroam" profile.

      Skjermbilde for  Profiler under Profiles.

      3. Deleting the eduroam profile

    • You are then asked: Are you sure you want to remove the profile "HiOA-eduroam"?
    • Click on: Remove
    • You must enter the administrator username and password for your computer, to be able to confirm the deletion of the profile.

    • Username: Your administrator username for your Mac computer
    • Password: Your administrator password for your Mac computerSkjermbilde for admin-brukernavn og passord på din Mac.
    • 5. Connect to Wi-Fi / eduroam on Mac.

      Skjermbilde for å slette en profil under Profiles.

      4. Administrator access to your computer


    Delete eduroam profile on a Windows PC

    1. From the Start menu: Go to Settings > Network & Internet
    2. Select "Wi-Fi" on the left.
    3. Select the network "Eduroam" on the right.
      1. Click on "Manage Wi-Fi settings".
      2. Manage Wi-Fi-settings
    4. Scroll down and click on: "eduroam"
    5. Click the button: Forget
    6. Update the password
      1. Please update to your new OsloMet password for Eduroam in the Wi-Fi-settings on Windows 10 as shown above.
    7. Connect to Wi-Fi Eduroam.

Contact IT Service Desk

Contact IT Service Desk

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