SFV4400 Sosial bærekraft, sosialt arbeid og menneskerettigheter Emneplan

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Social Sustainability, social work and Human Rights
Master Programme in Applied Social Sciences - Study Option International Social Welfare and Health Policy
Masterstudium i sosialfag - studieretning barnevern, deltid
Masterstudium i sosialfag - studieretning barnevern
Masterprogram i sosialfag
Masterprogram i sosialfag
Enkeltemner knyttet til masterprogram i sosialfag
Masterstudium i sosialfag - studieretning sosialt arbeid, deltid
Masterstudium i sosialfag - studieretning sosialt arbeid
10 stp.


This course aims to merge an understanding of human rights with social sustainability and do so through the lens of the social work profession, focusing on the critical role of rights-based professional practice within the social and political frameworks that foster trust and solidarity. It delves into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a foundational element for professional human rights practices, emphasising its importance in shaping the protection of fundamental human rights of citizens.

Key topics include child protection, children's rights, extremism, social exclusion, and the obligations of nation-states towards human rights from the perspective of varying state models, from minimalist to comprehensive welfare states, with a focus on the Nordic model's commitment to human rights. The course also addresses the dual nature of rights—negative and positive—and their impact on individual liberty and solidarity. Through this academic journey, students will critically evaluate the normative biases in human rights practices within professional social work, enhancing their understanding of professional decision-making and encouraging a reflective approach to social work informed by the social, cultural, and political dimensions of solidarity and rights. By the end, participants will grasp the essential role of rights-based social work and social policy in reinforcing social sustainability and political stability. Language if instruction is English.





Upon completing this course, students will possess:

  • A deep understanding of the interplay between human rights and social sustainability, particularly through the lens of social work within social and political orders.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its significance in shaping fundamental human rights protections.
  • Insight into how social, cultural, and political dimensions of solidarity and rights influence rights-based social work practices.
  • An understanding of the roles of child protection, children's rights, extremism, social exclusion, and nation-states' obligations toward human rights across different state models, with a focus on the Nordic welfare state's approach.


Students will be able to:

  • Critically analyze and assess the sustainability of social orders and the extent to which public service practices contribute to solidarity and trust.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of social work practices in upholding human rights and fostering sustainable intersubjective trust.
  • Design rights-based practices in social work that align with various approaches to sustainability.
  • Discuss and compare the implementation of human rights principles across different countries, considering normative and constitutional constraints within the democratic rule of law.

General Competence

Students will:

  • Develop a critical understanding of the role of trust and solidarity in sustaining social and political orders.
  • Engage in informed discussions on sustainable social work practices and the integration of human rights perspectives in social work research and policy development.

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

The course is organised into a series of lectures and discussions. Lectures are given by the course lecturers. Key to the lecture form are discussions and an academic culture.The lectures and curriculum spans six sessions, each four hours long, and is designed to explore the complex interplay between international human rights, social work, and social policy, particularly in sustaining social and political orders.

Arbeidskrav og obligatoriske aktiviteter

No coursework requirements or obligatory activities

Vurdering og eksamen

The exam in the course is an individual oral exam

Hjelpemidler ved eksamen

No aids are permitted


A grade scale A-F.


The exam is graded by an internal and an external examiner.


Asgeir Falch-Eriksen