Emneplan forMALK5000 Masteroppgave


All courses must be completed with pass grades and the coursework requirements must be approved before the candidate may submit the master's thesis.


On successful completion of the course, the student has the following learning outcomes

classified as knowledge, skills and competence:



The student

  • can analyze and critically assess the scientific work of others
  • can choose and apply relevant methods of data collection for research or scientific inquiry.



The student

  • can apply the ethical and technical principles that govern scientific research and publication, including international citation and reference standards
  • can demonstrate that they can conduct a supervised research project in accordance with research ethics guidelines and regulations, and guidelines from relevant governmental bodies (i.e. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority, relevant Norwegian Research Ethics Committees and so on)
  • can write a thesis according to criteria determined by the university 
  • can critically assess the results of his own work
  • can critically assess various sources of information



The student

  • can participate and promote the development of learning in complex systems
  • can justify their professional behavior with reference to ethical guidelines, general ethical considerations and their own assessment of the situation
  • can analyze and critically assess various sources of information with relevance for the thesis.


Defining a research question, collecting empirical data, reading relevant literature and writing the thesis under supervision.

Replicating the research of others is a legitimate and acceptable basis for theses.

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

The thesis outline and thesis are individual work. Submission of thesis outline is required before a supervisor is appointed. Thesis outline must be submitted the semester before thesis submission at the latest.

Each candidate has a maximum of 30 hours of supervision during the thesis work. If a non- faculty supervisor is appointed, resources are divided by 2/3 of the time for the main supervisor and 1/3 for the second supervisor. Supervision hours are calculated for each thesis not per student.

Arbeidskrav og obligatoriske aktiviteter

Coursework requirements

a.   Two research ethics seminars are 100 % attendance required before submitting the thesis outline

b.   Approval of thesis outline

c.   Submit a signed contract with the appointed supervisor

Vurdering og eksamen

Thesis. Submission of master's thesis according to program specifications, consisting of 1 scientific article. Technical standards according to the current APA manual.

Submitting dates each year: June 15th and November 15th.


Thesis format

The Master¿s thesis consists of one paper. The paper must not exceed 40 pages. The paper is written according to the current APA Publishing Manual Standard; double spaced Times New Roman size 12 with standard margins for MS Office Word.

Hjelpemidler ved eksamen



A grading scale of A (highest) to F (lowest) where A to E is a pass grade and F is a fail grade for the overall thesis. If one of the articles do not achieve the pass grade, F grade is given for the overall thesis.


One internal and one external examiner

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Master's Thesis
Høst: Masterstudium i atferdsvitenskap, deltid / Masterstudium i atferdsvitenskap
30 stp.
VÅR 2020
VÅR 2020
Høst 2019: Masterstudium i atferdsvitenskap, deltid / Masterstudium i atferdsvitenskap