MAIKT-EA Vurdering med digitale verktøy Emneplan

Engelsk emnenavn
Masterstudium i digitalt læringsdesign
15 stp.


Through work with the literature and the course work, the student should be able to choose and design methods for electronic assessment that is adapted to the group of students and content at hand. The tuition is in English if English speaking students attend the course.


No prerequisites required.


A student who has completed his or her qualification has the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


The student

  • has advanced knowledge about theories on assessment and evaluation, including summative and formative methods for assessment
  • has thorough knowledge on methods for self assessment, peer assessment and teacher-student-assessment
  • has advanced knowledge of the role of technology in assessment


The student

  • can use and design methods for e-assessment that are adapted to the group of students and content at hand
  • can analyse and deal critically with various sources of information on e-assessment
  • can analyse existing theories and methods to identify problems and challenges within e-assessment

General competence

The student

  • can analyse relevant assessment problems academically
  • can apply the achieved knowledge and skills in the use of e-assessment
  • can communicate experiences, academic findings, and challenges within the field of e-assessment


The following are sub themes of the course:

  • Evaluation and assessment
  • Formative and summative assessment
  • Self assessment, peer assessment and teacher-student-assessment
  • Technology for evaluation and assessment

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

The course is totally net based. Literature will be presented and discussed in a chosen discussion forum. Students are supposed to take active part in these discussions. Theories from the literature are to be applied in students¿ evaluation of technologies and methods of assessment.

Arbeidskrav og obligatoriske aktiviteter

See general rules in the programme plan. Students must have the following course requirements approved before examination:

  1. Present at least one paper from the list of literature for the peer students through a chosen medium (i.e. text, audio, video). Length: appr. 750 words +/- 10 % / 10 minutes
  2. Comment on at least two of the other literature presentations. Length: appr. 150 words +/- 10 % / 5 minutes
  3. Participate in making an overview of technology for assessment and its supposed application Length of individual presentations: appr. 750 words +/- 10 % / 10 minutes
  4. Plan and discuss one assessment session for a given case, related to the course literature. Length of presentation: appr. 750 words +/- 10 % / 10 minutes

These tasks should be documented in a portfolio for each student.

Vurdering og eksamen

The students will be assessed according to a digital portfolio consisting of two elements:

  1. Presentation of a revised version of one of the course work requirements 1, 2 or 4, including your own comments on strengths and weaknesses. Length of presentation varies according to the chosen course work requirement (see above).
  2. A scientific text (about 2250 words +/- 10 %) discussing a self-defined research question within the field of e-assessment. The essay should employ at least two of the theoretical approaches presented in this course literature, and discuss the research questions according to these approaches.

New/postponed exam will be organized in the same way as the ordinary exam. A revised version of the portfolio can be submitted.

Hjelpemidler ved eksamen

Examination support material is permitted.


A graded scale from A to E for passed and F for not passed will be used. See assessment criteria in the programme plan.


The portfolio will be evaluated by an internal and external examiner.