MABY5900 Master's Thesis Emneplan

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Master's Thesis
Master’s Programme in Civil Engineering
30 stp.


The master's thesis shall take the form of independent, supervised research or development work in one of the key subject areas of the programme, and shall constitute further specialisation in one of the five study directions of the master's program. The thesis can be related to relevant issues in the construction industry or to ongoing research projects at the department.

The master's thesis must take a scientific approach, and the result must contain elements of new knowledge or new methods. Each student or group of students will be assigned an internal supervisor, who will ensure that the project complies with research ethics principles and help students to formulate the research question and ensure quality in the collection and analysis of data.

The master's thesis shall be a written report based on research principles and Methods.


The master's thesis builds on all the courses taught in the previous semesters. Students must have passed all their first-year exams before they are entitled to supervision on the work on their master's thesis.


After completing the master's thesis, the student is expected to have achieved the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


The student:

  • has in-depth knowledge in the field of civil engineering and specialised knowledge in the topic of the master's thesis.

  • has in-depth knowledge of theories and methods of relevance to the topic of the master's thesis.

  • has knowledge of new solutions, technologies or processes in the field.


The student:

  • is capable of analysing and taking a critical approach to different sources of information and using them to structure and formulate argumentation in the field.

  • is capable of analysing existing theories, methods and standardised solutions and of working independently on practical and theoretical problem-solving.

  • is capable of using relevant methods for research and development work in an independent manner.

  • is capable of carrying out an independent, delimited research or development project under supervision and in accordance with applicable research ethical standards.

General competence:

The student:

  • is capable of applying his/her knowledge and skills to new fields for the purpose of carrying out advanced tasks and projects.

  • is capable of communicating extensive independent work and masters the forms of expression used in the field.

  • is capable of communicating on issues, analyses and solutions in the field of structural engineering and building technology, both with specialists and with the general public.

  • is capable of contributing to new ideas and innovation processes.

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

The master's thesis is an independent piece of work carried out by a student or a group of students (up to two students each) under supervision. Group work is encouraged if the master's thesis is related to a large-scale industrial or research project. The thesis shall take the form of a written report prepared in a scholarly format, and an oral presentation of the thesis. The report must describe the research question and the work carried out, and explain the result.

If the thesis is written in cooperation with an external partner, the student(s) shall be assigned an external supervisor in addition to their internal supervisor.

The theses will be presented and discussed at seminars with fellow students and supervisors.

Arbeidskrav og obligatoriske aktiviteter


Vurdering og eksamen

The master's thesis consists of a written report of ca. 100 pages, and an oral presentation at a plenary session. The thesis should be written in English. The master thesis is written individually or together with a fellow student. The oral presentation of the thesis and questioning by the examiner can take place in English or Norwegian by agreement. Prototypes and/or other products that the student has developed can be included as part of the thesis.

Students must be awarded an E or better on their thesis to be permitted to give the presentation. The master's thesis and the presentation will be assessed as a whole, but if there is doubt about the grading of the thesis, the grade can be adjusted up or down by one grade on the basis of the presentation and pertaining questioning.

Students can appeal against the grade awarded for the written thesis in accordance with Section 5-3 of the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges. If the grade is changed as a result of re-assessment, the student must take the oral exam again. The oral exam grade cannot be appealed.

Hjelpemidler ved eksamen

All aids are permitted.


Grade scale A-F.


Two examiners, of whom at least one shall be external.


Dimitrios Kraniotis