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Practical training for library and information science students

Practical training for library and information science students

Practical training is a compulsory part of both the bachelor's and one-year programme in library and information science.

You have to complete your programme's periods of practical training, even if you work in a library while you are studying or have previously worked in a library.

First year of study

After completing the period of practical training, you must submit a report and take part in a practical training seminar. Approval of the practical training and practical training report and participation in the practical training seminar are required to have the first year of study approved.

Where can I apply for practical training?

You can apply for any library you want. Of course, we cannot guarantee that a certain library will be willing to accept an intern.

Choose a type of library (public library, specialist library etc.) and apply.

There are many libraries, including other kinds than the municipal public libraries. Most primary and secondary schools and university colleges have their own libraries. Some big businesses, institutions and organisations also have their own specialist libraries. Some students have even done their practical training abroad, but you will not be entitled to any extra financial support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen) if you do, and you will have to make all the practical arrangements yourself.

Once the training placements have been announced, it is up to you to contact the institution where your practical training will take place. The institution will be notified of which students have been assigned to them, but it is important that you make the initial contact.

All students must send their CV to their practical training institution before the period of practical training starts.

Naturally, most of our students want their practical training placement to be in Oslo or the surrounding area. We do not have enough places here, and must therefore ask students to state where they are from. It is difficult to change your training placement if you are unhappy with its location. Should there nevertheless be a problem with the placement you have been assigned, please contact

Special adaptation

If you have medical needs or children, please state this in the comments field. This will of course be taken into consideration. For adjustments on medical grounds, you should preferably submit a doctor's certificate by e-mail or post to:

Fakultet for samfunnsvitenskap
Seksjon for studieadministrasjon og internasjonalisering
Postboks 4 St. Olavs plass
0130 Oslo


If you are absent for more than three days, you must submit a medical certificate. You must make up for the days of practical training that you do not complete during your practice period later in the programme. The same rules apply to absence due to children's illness as to your own illness.

The most important thing to do is to inform your employer at the practical training institution, if you are absent.

Reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses

Normally students cover their own expenses connected to commuting and accommodation during the practical training period. Exceptionally the institute may cover some of the expenses upon application. This is possible only if the practical training place is far from Oslo and surroundings, or from the student's domicile. Reimbursement must be applied for in advance of the practical training period. Please contact the study administration for more information. 

Contact us

Contact us

Do you have problems with or questions about the practical training placement?

Section for Academic Affairs and Internationalisation

E-mail :
Place/Address :
Fakultet for samfunnsvitenskap, Postboks 4, St. Olavs plass, 0130 Oslo