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Office 365

Office 365

Office 365 includes a free copy of Microsoft Office to your computer, cloud services like Outlook, Office Online and OneDrive storage.

You can install Microsoft Office 365 on your PC, Mac and/or mobile phone.

  • What is Office 365?

      Whats included in Microsoft Office 365?

      • Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, Outlook
      • OneDrive - free storage of 1TB data
      • Office Online, cloud services: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Skype
      • Sharing through Delve (SharePoint)
      • E-mail
      • Skype for Business - phone, chat, video conferences, screen sharing 

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      • How to Login?

        To access Office 365, e-mail, software  and more services:

        1. Login to Office 365
        2. Use your OsloMet username (e.g. s123456) and password.
      • OneDrive

        OneDrive is your personal storage space online and your primary storage space while studying at OsloMet.  er din personlige lagringsplass på Internett og din primære lagringsplass mens du studerer på OsloMet. I OneDrive kan du laste opp, laste ned, lagre, samskrive og dele dokumenter. Du får 1 TB gratis lagringsplass.

      • Security and  Privacy

        OsloMets security guidelines for processing information applies to use of Microsoft Office 365.

        • Storage of data in OneDrive means your data is not stored in Norway. Especially sensitive data and research data should not be stored or shared through OneDrive

        • Date in OneDrive is in the "cloud". Read more about Microsoft's security policy and privacy (

        • Login to Office 365 is done through Feide using your OsloMet username and password, via Single Sign On (SSO) . SSO means you will be automatically logged in to other services using Feide.

        • Be careful, always log out and close your browser after use visiting a Feide service.

      • How to install 365


        1. Login to Office 365.
        2. Choose Office 365 in the top menu, to get to the installation site.
        3. Click "Install Office", then choose your preferred option.

      Contact IT Service Desk

      Contact IT Service Desk

      IT Service Desk

      Phone :
      (+47) 67235555
      E-mail :
      Place/Address :
      P48 (Ground floor) / Kjeller (1st floor)
      Time/Opening Hours :
      Phone / Email: Weekdays 08-16:00 (fridays to 15:00)
      IT Service Desk @ P48:
      Weekdays 08-18:30 (fridays to 17:00)