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Registration and withdrawal

Registration and withdrawal

This is how you register for and withdraw from an examination. Applicable for ordinary examinations, new and postponed examinations and second and third examination attempt. In some cases, you can also apply for a fourth exam attempt.

Conditions for taking an examination

  • You must have paid the semester fee for the semester in question.
  • The programme description may stipulate compulsory requirements, which must be met before you can take the examination. The requirements may include approved coursework requirements, completion and approval of supervised practical training etc. You will find a description of the courses in the programme description on OsloMet’s website. 
  • Acts and regulations about examinations
  • Rules relating to registration and withdrawal are stipulated in Regulations relating to studies and examinations at OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University
  • Registration for ordinary examinations

    You must complete the registration in Studentweb every semester.

    In Studentweb you need to:

    • Sign up for classes and ordinary exams.
    • Register for the semester and confirm your individual education plan.
    • Pay the semester fee, copy fee and material fee or tuition fee.

    The deadline is September 1 for the autumn semester and February 1 for the spring semester.

    Pending courses

    You must register the examination in Studentweb if you are going to take an exam in a subject that you have not taken in you regular course of study.

    The deadline for registration is September 1 for the autumn semester and February 1 for the spring semester.

  • Withdraw from an examination

    • You may withdraw from an examination. 
    • A significant number of studies have progression requirements. Remember that it may have consequences for your study progression if you withdraw from an exam in studies with progression requirements. You will find the conditions for the progress of study in the program description.
    • The withdrawal deadline is 14 days before the examination date.
    • You register withdrawal in Studentweb.
    • If you withdraw from an examination, you will not be able to retake the examination until the next ordinary examination is arranged.

    Please note that there is no guarantee that same examination will bee arranged again due to regular revisions of the program descriptions.

  • Registration for new and postponed examinations

    New and postponed examination

    • If you have legitimate absence or fail an ordinary examination, you are entitled to a new or postponed examination. This exam will take place later the same semester or early in the subsequent semester. You must register for the new or postponed examination in Studentweb.
    • If you do not present yourself for the examination or withdraw from an ordinary examination, you will have to wait until the next ordinary examination is arranged.
    • You are not entitled to more than three attempts at the same examination and normally there are only two attempts per academic year. Exceptions to this rule will be described in your faculty's examination regulations.

    Registration deadlines for examinations when you are not following the ordinary course of study.

    • One month before the examination date
    • Exception: July 1 for examinations in August

    Registration for examination is in Studentweb.

  • Improvement of grade

    If you just wish to improve your grade:

    • You must register for the examination in Studentweb within the appointed deadlines.
    • Students that wish to improve a grade can normally only register for the ordinary exam.
    • If you take the same examination more than once, the best grade applies.
    • The deadline for registration is September 1 for the autumn semester and February 1 for the spring semester.
  • Fourth examination attempt

    If you have had three attempts for an examination and still have not passed the examination, you may apply for a fourth and last attempt. Applications for a fourth and last attempt are only granted in special cases.

    Apply for a fourth and last attempt

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