BIBV3891 International Project Collaboration: BOBCATSSS Course description

Course name in Norwegian
International Project Collaboration: BOBCATSSS
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The course provides students with the theoretical understanding and relevant skills for planning and carrying out a collaborative international project based on planning and organizing a major academic conference. Emphasis is placed on intercultural competence, scientific communication, and the practical aspects of carrying out an international conference.

The course is taught in English.

Required preliminary courses


Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the student should have the following overall learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:

Knowledge The student · has good knowledge of intercultural communication and international project work · has good theoretical knowledge of scientific communication

Skills The student · can plan and carry out international collaborative projects, in this case, a major international conference · can evaluate scientific communication in the form of conference papers · can communicate effectively in international arenas

General competence The student · can plan and carry out work tasks as a participant in a project group

Teaching and learning methods

· The course will be hybrid. Students can choose to take the course on campus or online. · The forms of work alternate between lectures, seminars, oral presentations, and group work as well as practical tasks in connection with the preparation and implementation of the conference.

Course requirements

The following coursework requirements must have been approved in order for the student to take the exam:

  1. Individual work. Students must evaluate at least 3 articles submitted to the conference. The assessment must be documented in a report of 1-2 pages.

  2. Group work, 2-4 students. The students will work in groups to plan the BOBCATSSS program. The work must be documented with a program proposal in an appropriate format of 2-3 pages.

  3. Group work, 2-4 students. Students will plan a social event that can be held in connection with the conference. The work must be documented in the form of an oral group presentation of approx. 10 minutes.

All required coursework must be completed and approved by the given deadline in order for the student to take the exam. If one or more coursework requirements have not been approved, the student will be given the opportunity to submit an improved version once by the given deadline. The work requirements can be written in English, Norwegian or another Scandinavian language, except for the program proposal which must be written in English.


The exam in the course is in the form of a written individual term paper with a scope of 3 - 4 pages including spaces. Font and font size: Arial / Calibri 12pkt. Line spacing: 1.5. Students will reflect on the work done in the course and challenges that have arisen along the way.

Students awarded a fail grade are given one opportunity to submit an improved version of the assignment/portfolio for assessment. The exam can be written in English, Norwegian or another Scandinavian language.

Permitted exam materials and equipment

All aids are permitted, as long as the rules for source referencing are complied with.

Grading scale

Pass / Fail


The exam papers are assessed by one internal and one external examiner. At least 25% of the exam papers will be assessed by two examiners. The grades awarded for the papers assessed by two examiners form the basis for determining the level for all the exam papers.