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Failed examination

Failed examination

This is what you need to know if you fail an exam

Why did you fail the exam?

Read more about the credit system and grading. Check if your examiner have published examiners guidelines for the grades for the exam. Maybe this helps you understand your grade? 

It is possible to request an explanation for the determination of a grade.

Do you wish to appeal against the determination of a grade? Please read the information about appealing carefully before you decide this. 

You need to register for a new and postponed exam

You have three attempts for an examination.

If you fail an ordinary exam, you are entitled to a new and postponed exam. This exam will take place later the same semester or early in the subsequent semester. If you fail a new and postponed exam you will have to wait until the next ordinary examination is arranged.

Remember that you need to register for a new exam yourself in Studentweb! Please check the deadline. 

Read about your rights related to exam