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Use OneDrive for storage while you study. As a student at OsloMet, you have free access to Office 365 and storage up to 1 TB in OneDrive. Familiarize yourself with the rules that apply to storage at OsloMet.

OneDrive (Office 365) 

All students at OsloMet have access to 1TB of free storage space in Microsoft 365 and OneDrive. To get access: 

  1. Go to 
  2. Log in with your OsloMet username, ex. abcde1234 or s123456 and OsloMet password. 
  3. Approve the login with the Microsoft Authenticator app. If you need to activate or reset two-factor, you can do so here
  4. Click on the menu icon at the top left. Select OneDrive. 
  5. Familiarize yourself with what you can store in OneDrive and in other services in the storage guide ( 
  • Storage on equipment and in cloud services 

    Learn more about storage in OneDrive and other systems at OsloMet ( 

    If you are in doubt about where and how to store, you can contact

  • Which data to store in OneDrive? 

    You can store most of your school-related files and documents in OneDrive – OsloMet's security rules for processing information apply to the use of Office 365. 

    • Sensitive personal data and sensitive research data must not be stored or shared through OneDrive. Storage of data in OneDrive means your data will be store outside Norway, in the "cloud". Read more about Microsoft's security policy and privacy on

    • Read about how to store sensitive data/information here. 

    • OneDrive Sync is not available on OsloMet's computers. 

    If in doubt about where to store your files/data, do not hesitate to contact IT support at

  • Completed or ended your studies at OsloMet? 

    Please remember to download your files from your Office 365 student account at OsloMet. 

    Your user account will be terminated 30 days after you have completed your studies. 

    You can also choose to continue your Office 365 account as a personal subscription

  • Work area on OsloMet PCs 

    As a student, you have a temporary work area in the "Documents" folder on all OsloMet's Windows machines. Here you can store up to 3GB. The work area allows you to work efficiently with documents, files, etc. in a teaching context during the semester. 

    • Access to the work area will be lost on the day you leave as a student at OsloMet. OsloMet does not guarantee the backup of material stored in the Documents folder. 
    • Long-term storage and backup of files and documents should take place in OneDrive. You must move files you want to store to OneDrive on a long-term basis. 
    • Use the OneDrive browser version for long-term storage of documents. 
    • OneDrive sync is not available on OsloMet's PCs. 
  • Backup?

    Always try to recover data you have deleted from the trash in the system. Files are left in the trash for 90 days after you delete them. 

    OsloMet also takes a 90-day backup of data deleted in Microsoft Office 365 (Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, etc.). Backup time from other systems may vary. 

    Remember that you will lose access to your account 30 days after completing your studies. 

    Contact if you need help. 

  • Encrypting data 

Contact IT Service Desk

Contact IT Service Desk

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