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Checklist for new international students

Welcome to OsloMet! Here is everything you as an international student need to know about semester start in August 2019.

1. Accept your place and notify OsloMet of any special needs 

  • Exchange students: Accept your place and notify us of special needs through the online Declaration of Acceptance form (see your admission letter). 

  • International Master degree students: Accept your place in  SøknadsWeb 

2. Complete the Steps in the Pre-arrival Guide 

Before arriving in Norway, make sure you complete the steps in the pre-arrival guide which includes applying for student housing and registering with the Norwegian immigration authorities.  

3. Receive student number and PIN code 

You should receive an email with your student number (s+student number, e.g. s123456) and PIN code (4 digits) by the end of July. If you haven't received this before the first day of school, please contact or 

4. Activate your user account 

Use the student number and the PIN code to activate your IT-user account as soon as possible. For more detailed instructions on how to register see our student registration guide. After 24 hours, you should be able to log in to Canvas and StudentWeb. 

5. Register for the semester before September 1st. 

All students need to register before each semester. Log on to Studentweb using Feide with your username and password. 

Follow the 'Start Registration' link in Studentweb and complete all the steps. For guidance, see Studentweb step by step instructions. For most students a confirmation of your individual education plan is part of the registration. After 24 hours, you should be able to see your personal schedule and updated information about your courses at 

6. Pay the semester fee before September 1st (if applicable) 

International Master degree students must pay a mandatory fee each semester. Students on an exchange programme (e.g. Erasmus+) are exempt from paying the fee. You find the all payment information by logging in to Studentweb

7. Bring your own laptop 

All students at OsloMet must bring their own laptop. You get Office 365 with Word, Powerpoint, Excel, cloud services, email and other tools for free. You find those tools when you sign into My Page for students.

8. Sign up for Arrival Service 

New international students can sign up for the arrival service offered on 9th of August. 

9. Show up for Orientation and your first day of courses 

The Orientation Day for new international students takes place on Monday 12th August. We advise you to arrive in Oslo in time for the meeting. Your first day of classes depends on the course that you’re taking and should be stated on your admission letter. 

10. Get a student card 

The student card gives you access to buildings and classrooms, functions as a library card and allows you to use the printer. Your will be informed about when and where to pick up your student card during the Orientation meeting. Remember to bring a valid ID when you get your student card. 

In order to qualify for student discounts you need a student ID (with your picture on it)  and the separate semester card, which proves that you have registered for the semester and paid the semester fee (if applicable). Alternatively, you can get this ID as an app on your smartphone or on paper


You can always email or contact us via our Facebook group for international students

Where do I find information on the first day of school? 

Type the name of your study program into the search bar on the front page of