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Criteria and guidelines for student associations at OsloMet

Criteria and guidelines for student associations at OsloMet

Below you will find the criteria for establishing and running student associations as OsloMet.

The following criteria must be met in order to establish a student association at OsloMet:

  • The association must be an independent legal and organisational unit, both in its statutes and in practice.
  • The association must have a democratic structure.
  • The association must have statutes adopted by its supreme body. These statutes must state that:
    • The association's objective is to organise activity in the student environment at OsloMet
    • The association primarily recruits its members from the student body at OsloMet
    • Of the association's members, 80% must be students registered for the semester, of which at least 50% must be HiOA students
    • Of the association's board, 80% must be students registered for the semester, of which at least 50% must be HiOA students
    • The association must at all times have a contact person who is registered for the semester at OsloMet
    • The association's objective or activities must not be in conflict with the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges, the Anti-Discrimination Act or other Norwegian laws, or with other provisions stipulated by the ministry or the university. Nor must the association communicate information or advertise activities that are in conflict with the above-mentioned provisions.
    • The association must comply with the criteria for submission and updating of information (registration) that follow from these guidelines.

If the association has standard statutes given by a parent association or it is not stated in the association's statutes that it is an association for and by OsloMet students, this must be explained in more detail in the description of the association's activities.

Guidelines for registration of student associations

Student associations at OsloMet must be registered in accordance with the provisions set out in these regulations. A student association must meet the requirements of OsloMet's regulations in order to register as a student association.

By student association is meant an organisation of students that is a separate legal unit, independent of OsloMet.

The actual registration is done electronically by logging on to the link 'Starting an association'.

1. The purpose of the registration

OsloMet would like to point out that the registration information is public. The purpose of the registration of student associations is:

  • to make it easy for OsloMet to contact the associations when necessary.
  • to make it easier to provide information about and refer to student associations and student activities in relation to students and potential members
  • to ensure that associations that make use of OsloMet's services consist of registered students, of which the majority are students at OsloMet
  • to offer registered student associations the possibility to book premises at the institution for association activities and to apply for office premises in the "Senter i Sentrum" building. All use of OsloMet's services must take place in accordance with the applicable rules. Reference is made to separate guidelines for lending and hiring out premises at OsloMet. See this link for more detailed information about the rules for lending and hiring out premises.
  • to allow registered student associations to include 'OsloMet' in their names. The names of associations must clearly identify them as student associations.
  • to allow registered student associations to use the OsloMet logo.

2. Application for recognition as a student association

First-time applications for recognition as a student association at OsloMet must be submitted using an electronic registration form by logging on to 'My association' on the SiO Associations website.

On registration, associations will be asked to provide information about the following, among other things:

  • The name and objective of the association
  • The association's statutes
  • The association's address
  • The contact person's name, address and phone numbers, and the association's e-mail address and the campus the association will be affiliated with
  • An overview of the number of members the association has and what percentage of the members are active students at OsloMet
  • An overview of the association's sub-groups, if any, or, if the association is a sub-group of another association, this other association's objectives
  • The organisation number, if relevant.

OsloMet can demand  documentation of the information provided by the associations in connection with recognition. The university reserves the right to demand that information about the percentage of student members in an association be documented by comparing the association's membership register with OsloMet's student register.

In the event of discrepancy between information provided by the association and the outcome of the control, such discrepancies must be clarified further before the association can re-apply for recognition as a student association.

OsloMet reserves the right to demand further information from the association if such information is necessary in order to consider an application for recognition.

3. Publication and updating of information provided by student associations

Registered information about the association will be published on OsloMet's website, together with a link to the association's own website.

Registered student associations must update the information registered about them at least once every six months (after the initial registration). The associations must confirm their information even if there are no changes to report. If the statutes have been amended, an updated copy of the statutes must be enclosed. In the event of changes to the address of the association or contact person and other important changes, the information should be updated as changes occur.

If an association fails to update its information for a period of twelve months, or no longer meets the criteria for being recognised as a student association, its registration shall be terminated immediately.

As a result, the association will no longer be able to enjoy the benefits that the university offers its recognised student associations. Any information on the OsloMet website about the student association in question will also be removed.

4. Breach of contract

In the event of breach of the criteria for being recognised as a student association, HiOA can impose sanctions on an association for a short or long period. A student association's recognition and registration, and thus its opportunity to make use of OsloMet's services, can be terminated with immediate effect in the event of gross breaches of the criteria. An association can be fully or partly excluded from the registration scheme if it has provided false information about membership numbers or the type of activity it is engaged in. In the event of breach of agreements entered into as part of the benefits enjoyed by registered and recognised associations, the recognition can be terminated in its entirety.

Decisions regarding sanctions and loss of recognition are made by OsloMet's Director of Academic Affairs. In such cases, the association's side of the matter shall be heard before the institution makes its final decision.

5. Management of the regulations and administration of the scheme

The registration scheme is administered by OsloMet's Department of Academic Affairs, Educational Quality and Internationalisation. The registration scheme is managed by SiO on behalf of OsloMet in accordance with a special agreement.

6. Adoption of and amendments to the regulations

These regulations and subsequent amendments are adopted by the University College Director. Registered student associations must be informed of any changes in the regulations.