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How to apply for exchange

How to apply for exchange

Want to go on exchange? Here is the information you need about the deadlines, the application process and the application form.

Step by step from application to exchange: 

  • 1. Where can you go on exchange?

    OsloMet has exchange agreements with many partner universities across the world. Find the opportunities available for your study programme and which semester you might be eligible to go abroad. Some study programs might also have other opportunities for doing part of your studies abroad such as field work, shorter stays, projects or other opportunities.

    If you need guidance or more information you can contact the international coordinator for your study programme. If you want to hear more about other students' experiences with a particular institution abroad, we encourage you to ask via the OsloMet Utveksling Facebook group (

  • 2. Requirements

    You must fulfil the following requirements in order to qualify for an exchange period abroad. 

    • All applicants must submit a letter of motivation.  

    • Any additional requirements for master's students are set by the Faculty. Please contact the international coordinator for details regarding which requirements apply for your study programme. 

    In addition to the requirements set by your faculty, some host institutions might require:  

    • A specified minimum grade average.  

    • Documentation of language competence.   

    • Documentation of any required prerequisite knowledge.   

    • 60 ECTS credits from OsloMet prior to departure. 

    • A portfolio.  

    Not a master’s degree student? Different requirements apply for bachelor's degree students (information in Norwegian only).

  • 3. Write a Letter of Motivation 

    You must write and submit a motivation letter with your application. The letter of motivation should consist of no more than 600 words and include a presentation of yourself and answers to the following two questions:  

    1. How do you think the exchange period and your choice of country, institution and courses could contribute to your professional and personal development?  

    2. How do you think this competence can benefit your future career?  

    You upload the letter of motivation when submitting your application in SøknadsWeb. 

  • 4. Submit your application within the deadline

    You apply through the application portal SøknadsWeb where you log in with your OsloMet account (FEIDE).  

    There are two application deadlines each year:   

    • 1 February for studies starting in the autumn semester. The application form opens in mid-December.  
    • 1 September for studies starting in the spring semester. The application form opens in mid-June.  
  • 5. Interview 

    If you apply for an internship or placement, you can be summoned to a compulsory interview shortly after the application deadline has expired. The interview forms part of the grounds for assessment and attendance is mandatory. 

  • 6. Assessment

    Submitting your application is only the first step of the process. Your faculty will assess your application. If there are more applicants than the number of available places, your grades will be used to rank you against the other applicants. If your application to OsloMet is successful, you will still need to submit an application to the partner university where they will assess your application according to any specific requirements they have.

  • 7. Accept the offer 

    Approximately two weeks after the application deadline, you will be notified of the outcome, both in SøknadsWeb and by e-mail. The e-mail will be sent to your student e-mail address. You must accept or reject your offer in SøknadsWeb within the given deadline. Should you choose to accept the offer, you will find our Checklist for Exchange, describing the next steps, very useful to follow.

Kontaktpunkter utveksling

Kontaktpunkter utveksling

Contact point for exchange at HV

Contact point for exchange at LUI

Contact point for exchange at TKD

Department MEK

E-mail :
Url :
See information under each study programme.

Department BE – bachelor-programmes

E-mail :
Url :
Tollak Landa

Department BE – master programmes

E-mail :
Url :
Sigurd Storm

Department IT – bachelor programmes

E-mail :
Url :
Marzieh Qaitouri

Department IT – ACIT

E-mail :
Url :
Karlijn Hillekens

Department of Art, Design and Drama

E-mail :
Url :
Elisabeth Schjønsby

Department of Product Design

E-mail :
Url :
Oscar-Torjus Utaaker

Contact point for exchange at SAM