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Book a group study room in TP Book a group study room in TP

You can book a group study room in the lecture schedule programme TP.

Guidelines and important information.

  • You may book a group study room 14 days ahead of time. 
  • Do not book the room from more than hours at a time to allow other students to use the room. 
  • You can have a maximum of three open reservations at a time in WebUntis.
  • A booked group study room that is not being used the first 15 minutes, can be used by other students. Whoever takes over the room has the right to use it througout the period of time the room was originally booked.
  • Please note that only students studiying Radiography, Prosthetics and Orthotics have access to group study rooms located in Falbes gate 18. 

Overview of group study rooms and reading rooms at OsloMet.

How to reserve a group study room

  1. Go to TP
  2. Log in with username and password from OsloMet.
  3. Select date, start time and end time. Choose room type "Group study room" and optionally which building you want to search for rooms in.
  4. Click "Show Available Rooms" - TP then shows all available rooms that meet your criteria.
  5. Check out the group room you wish to reserve and click "Order".
  6. Type your name in the field "Enter Description".
  7. Then click "confirm".
  8. On the confirmation page, you can choose whether you want to receive the confirmation sent by email.

Do you want to check or cancel a reservation?

  1. Select "Show my activities " in the top menu.
  2. Here you will find an overview of all your reservations. 
  3. You can cancel the room by pressing the "cancel" button at the right of the booking.

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Contact us

Please send us an e-mail if you have any questions relating to TP, or need help with booking.

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