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Bank Account

Bank Account

In order to open a bank account, you need a passport and a Norwegian ID–number.

Students staying less than six months

  • If you are staying for less than six months, you will need a d-number to open a bank account. 
  • This is a complicated process if you are not employed, check with your home bank for alternatives.
  • If your home bank does not charge substantial fees, we recommend that you do not open a bank account in Norway.
  • More information about d-numbers

Students staying more than six months

  • Meet up at your chosen bank and bring your passport and ID.
  • You can choose between local and regional banks, as well as international banks.
  • Some banks have no physical locations and operate online.
  • Ask other students for recommendations.
  • Please note that opening a bank account is a lenghty process and it might take more than a month.