PHUV9450 Design-baserte forskningsmetoder Emneplan

Engelsk emnenavn
Educational Design Research Methods
Ph.d.-studium i utdanningsvitenskap for lærerutdanning
5 stp.


This course addresses different forms of Educational Design Research (EDR) and the related term Design-Based Research (DBR), providing participants with a foundation in the theoretical and historical underpinnings of EDR. The course provides examples of EDR projects by the course leaders including the different steps and considerations that go in to planning such studies.  Finally, the course emphasizes student participation, discussion and getting feedback on their own EDR designs and thesis writing.

Approved by LUI's educational committee 21.06.2021


After completion of the course, the student will have acquired the following learning outcomes, defined as knowledge, skills and general competence.


The student

  • has knowledge of the historical, epistemological, and methodological issues connected to different perspectives on Educational Design Research and Design-Based Research
  • has understanding of principles and questions for selecting Educational Design Research and distinguishing between related methodologies
  • has knowledge of current issues and research in the educational sciences related to EDR, including ethical considerations, the role of the researcher, and the roles of partners and participants


The student

  • can plan and develop research designs following EDR principles
  • can make choices about methods for data collection and analysis within EDR projects
  • can identify key considerations for working with partners in authentic settings to carry our EDR projects

General competence

The student

  • can develop nuanced readings and critiques of current EDR research literature
  • can integrate EDR methodologies into the candidates own research projects

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

Course sessions include lectures, discussions, small group design exercises, and text feedback sessions. The course is planned to take place on two non-consecutive days so that participants have a chance to apply and reflect on the concepts before returning for the second session.

Arbeidskrav og obligatoriske aktiviteter

Preparations for the course

Students are expected to read the syllabus before the course to be able to participate actively in discussions.

Work Requirements

A 2- page sketch of the essay should be delivered prior to the second course meeting for feedback and guidance.


80 % attendence of the time of the course is required. If a student has attended at least 60 % of the course but less than 80 %, he/she must submit an extra paper of at least 3000 words plus reference list on a given topic.

Vurdering og eksamen

The candidate writes an individual essay of between 4000 - 6000 words. It can be written in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English. The essay must be related to relevant themes in the course syllabus, and may (or may not) be connected to the candidate's dissertation methods chapter. The theme of the essay shall be approved by the course coordinator in advance.

Hjelpemidler ved eksamen

All aids are permitted, as long as the rules for source referencing are complied with.


The learning outcomes serve as criteria for assessments. The grades are "pass" or "fail".


The essay will be assessed by two of the course coordinators.


This PhD course is open for candidates at the PhD Program in Educational Sciences for Teacher Education, other PhD candidates and academic employees.

The admission requirement is a five-year master’s degree (three years + two years) or equivalent qualifications in teacher education, other pedagogical education, educational science, development studies, or other education on equivalent level in subjects relevant for teacher education.

In case of a large number of applicants, PhD-students enrolled in the PhD programme in Educational Sciences for Teacher Education will be prioritized, then students in other PhD-programmes, then academic employees at the Faculty of Teacher Education and International Studies.

Those applicants who are not enrolled in the PhD Programme in Educational Sciences for Teacher Education will have to send a summary of max. One A4 sheet with relevant information about their own PhD project or other project/sphere of interest containing the topic, methodology, theoretical approach, how far they are in their PhD work and why this particular subject is relevant for their project.