MAPD4200 Design and Culture Emneplan

Engelsk emnenavn
Design and Culture
Masterstudium i produktdesign – design for kompleksitet
10 stp.


Admission to the Master's programme.


On successful completion of this course students are able to:

  • use aesthetics in the creation of end products to make them meaningful to individual users, groups and/or society as a whole
  • reflect critically on the role of aesthetics in a cultural and design related context
  • challenge established perspectives and norms in the field
  • make use of theoretical knowledge to reflect on and develop own practical work
  • apply aesthetics as a methodological approach in practicing aesthetics throughout the design process


  • theoretical studies of product aesthetics in a cultural context
  • critical reflection, discussion and writing related to the theme and own professional work
  • design and construction of an object where the theories and reflections are tried out methodically and practically

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

The most important teaching and learning methods for this course are lectures, courses, excursions, self-study, practical work and tutoring.

Arbeidskrav og obligatoriske aktiviteter

  • 80% attendance at lectures, excursions, courses and other events
  • presentation to fellow students and teachers

Vurdering og eksamen

Individual or group [1] portfolio examination, which consists of:

  • a research-based written assignment (50%)
  • end product (50%)

A portfolio assessment provides an overall assessment awarding one grade for the whole portfolio. Any information on weighting of grades must be considered as supplementary information in connection with the final grade.

The examination result can be appealed against.

Hjelpemidler ved eksamen

No restrictions


A grading scale of A (highest) to F (lowest) where A to E is a pass grade and F is a fail grade


Two internal. External examiner is used periodically.

[1] On a professional basis, students may apply to sit the examination group. Applications should be submitted lecturer/person with course responsibility at the start of the course.