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The University Chaplain

The University Chaplain

The University Chaplain is available for all students regardless of background, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. The University Chaplain is bound by confidentiality.

Siri M. Magnusen, the University Chaplain at OsloMet.

 Siri M. Magnusen is the University Chaplain at OsloMet

  • Someone to talk to

    When life is not exactly what you expected and you need someone to talk to, you may contact the University Chaplain.

    You may for instance talk about your thoughts relating to:

    • worries and discouragement
    • challenges related to friendships and romantic relations
    • loneliness
    • the meaning of life
    • stress in connection with exams and fear of failure
    • sexuality
    • identity
    • grief or crisis.

    Regardless of your situation, whether you believe or not, we are here to listen.

  • Grief

    Grief is not an illness, but a natural and healthy reaction for someone who has lost a loved one. People who are grieving have different ways of reacting, with different emotions. Grieving takes time, and it might not always be easy to give yourself that time. The requirements for the progress of study may be a further burden, and sometimes it might be difficult to find fellow students to share your grief with.

    If you need someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to contact the University Chaplain

  • When a student dies

    Students, like others, may be struck by illness, accidents or death. The University Chaplain is part of OsloMet’s resource group in connection with deaths and assist in the follow-up of students and in the preparation and the execution of memorial gatherings.

    If you need someone to talk to, please contact the University Chaplain or the student welfare organisation's health services (

  • Available on both campuses

    The office of the University Chaplain is in Pilestredet 52, but she is also at Kjeller. Please do not hesitate to contact her to make an appointment.

  • Quiet rooms and prayer rooms

    OsloMet has quiet rooms and prayer rooms at both campuses. 

Contact information

Contact information