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University Chaplain

University Chaplain

When life gets tough, it is good to know that you have someone to talk to.

Siri M. Magnusen is University Chaplain at OsloMet.

A talk with the University Chaplain

The University Chaplain is there for all students at OsloMet regardless of philosophy of life or religious belief. You may contact the University Chaplain either by dropping by the office (room number A115) at Studenttorget in Pilestredet 52 or making an appointment on e-mail or telephone. The University Chaplain is bound by confidentiality.

You may talk about anything. It could be related to challenges you experience in your life as a student, thoughts about friendship and love, sharing beliefs or talk about doubts. You decide the topic of the conversation. Nothing is too big or too small.

The University Chaplain is employed by the Church of Norway to support students. All higher educational institutions in Norway have a University Chaplain service.


The students at OsloMet represent great diversity, also when it comes to beliefs and philosophy of life. We believe this is an asset! OsloMet wants to accommodate this diversity, by among other things offer Quiet Rooms for silence and prayer on campus. The University Chaplain directs a User Committee that is established in connection with the use of these rooms.

A couple of times per semester, the University Chaplain invites you to talk about beliefs and philosophy of life. An open place where you can learn more about yourself and others.

Grief support groups

A grief support group is a service to students who have experienced loss in their immediate family or circle of friends.

In the groups you may share experiences related to loss, memories, thoughts and emotions.

Grief is not an illness, but a natural and healthy reaction in a person who has lost someone close. Grieving people react differently and it is important to allow the different emotions to occur. Grief takes time, but it is not always easy to give yourself the time you need. Strict requirements for the progress of study may be a further strain on the grief. It might also be difficult to find fellow students to share the grief with. A grief support group can be a place to give the grieving time and attention.

Please contact the University Chaplain if you want to know more about grief support groups or would like to participate in one.

When a student dies

Students, like others, may be struck by illness, accidents or death.

When a student dies, different needs will occur among those who were close to the student. Parents might want to visit the university and perhaps also meet someone who knew their lost one. Fellow students and friends might want to gather to share memories and loss.

The university administration will do their best to meet the wishes of the family, friends and fellow students. Please contact your faculty if you need help when someone you know have passed away.

If you need someone to talk to, you can contact the University Chaplain, psychologist, counsellor or student adviser. At OsloMet a resource group cooperating with SiO comes together when a student dies.

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