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The academic year and holidays

The academic year in Norway might be organised differently than what you are used to from your home institution. Find out how the academic year is organised at OsloMet and get an overview of holidays in Norway.

The academic year at OsloMet

The academic year consists of an autumn and a spring semester. The exact start and end date of each semester may vary from year to year and between the different study programmes and courses. 
In general, the autumn semester normally starts mid-August and lasts till mid-December depending on the dates of your exams. The spring semester normally starts early January and lasts till late June, again depending on the dates for your exams.  

As a new student you will find information about when and where you are expected to meet in your admission letter/e-mail. Different programmes have different first days of class, so please check your admission letter and your profile on for the correct information.  

You will find detailed information about each programme/course in the programme and course descriptions: 

Holidays in Norway

  • Overview of public holidays in Norway ( 

  • Winter holiday: Some study programmes may have a week off during the winter. This is normally in week 8. To find out if this applies to you, please check your time schedule.

  • Easter holiday: The Easter holiday is normally from the Monday after Palm Sunday until the Tuesday after Easter Sunday. 

  • Summer holiday: The summer holiday is normally from the middle of June to the middle of August. 

  • Autumn holiday: Some study programmes may have a week off during the autumn. This is normally in week 40. To find out if this applies to you, please check your time schedule. 

  • Christmas holiday: The Christmas holiday is normally from the middle of December to early January.