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Visa Deposit Account

How do I access the money?

If you deposited money into SiO's visa deposit account in connection with your residence permit/visa application, you have the following options:  

  • If you are staying in SiO accommodation, you can use the money you have transferred to pay your housing deposit and/or rent. You can do this by either sending SiO’s Accounting office a message via the “Residence Permit Deposit account” section of SiO’s My Page, or by sending an email
  • You can withdraw a portion of the amount you transferred (NOK 22 000) in cash cards at the beginning of the semester. The cash cards can be collected by appointment at SiO's accounting office during the autumn semester. You can book an appointment to collect cash cards via the “Residence Permit Deposit account” section in SiO’s My Page, or by sending an email You need to bring valid identification when you collect the cards.
  • You can have the (remaining) amount of money refunded once you have a Norwegian bank account. As this depends on receiving a Norwegian ID number first, it can take up to two months before you can access the full sum. Once you have a bank account you can fill out this form and SiO will transfer your money.
  • The last option is having the funds transferred back to the international bank account the visa deposit money was transferred from when you leave Norway.

Please note: You should have money available to fund your first 5-6 weeks in Norway, as it can take some time before you access the funds you transferred.