PSYK2400 Research Methods 2 - N=1-designs, Evaluation, and Documentation Course description

Course name in Norwegian
Forskningsmetode 2 - N=1-design, evaluering og dokumentasjon
Study programme
Bachelorstudium i psykologi med vekt på atferdsanalyse
Year of study
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When embarking on research and exchange work, it is important to be able to formulate precise and operational goals, choose measurement methods and a design and method that are suitable for determining change, and clearly communicate findings.

An important instrument in the planning and documentation of individual measures is an individual plan, which is a statutory right for users with complex needs for services.

Required preliminary courses

Passed the course PSYK2100.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the student is expected to have achieved the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and competence:


The student has:

  • broad knowledge of the procedure for proper planning and documentation

  • knowledge of how scientific journals evaluate and assess articles

  • broad knowledge of the APA standard (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association)



The student is capable of

  • designing and giving grounds for research questions that can be scientifically studied

  • planning and conducting an experimental study

  • writing a report based on the APA standard

  • writing a summary of and assessing a scientific article

  • developing and give grounds for goals in change work and clinical work

  • designing an individual plan



The student is capable of

  • describing the difference between goals and measures/strategies

  • describing the procedure for conducting a scientific study from planning to publication

  • formulating overall goals (visions), general goals and specific goals

Teaching and learning methods

Work and teaching methods used in the course are lectures, self-study, supervised written assignments and practical exercises. On the basis of the information given, the students will individually prepare a design proposing different types of goals. The students will present these to the class. Students will also develop a research question for a scientific study, plan and conduct the study and write a method and result section.

Course requirements

  • Participation in group work (80%)

  • Presentation of the design for an experimental study to the group

The required coursework must be approved before the students can take the unsupervised written exam (home exam).


Individual written home exam over four days, maximum 3,500 words.

Permitted exam materials and equipment


Grading scale



One internal and one external examiner