MEST4700 Project in Practice Course description

Course name in Norwegian
Prosjekt i praksis
Study programme
Masterstudium i estetiske fag
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Programme description
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In this course, the students will carry out a practical project based on the programme option's areas of competence such as teaching, dissemination, creative production and curating. The work focuses on idea development, innovation, critical analysis and reflection. Production, presentation, documentation and communication are part of the practical work. The project can be carried out in collaboration with external parties. Several students can cooperate on a project. The students’ practical work is seen in conjunction with relevant contemporary discourses and in a research context.

Required preliminary courses

No requirements over and above the admission requirements.

Learning outcomes


The student:

  • has in-depth knowledge of  project work development  in a research context
  • has in-depth knowledge of relevant Nordic and international contemporary discourses
  • is capable of carrying out project work on the basis of ethical and professional analysis and reflection
  • has broad knowledge of the programme areas of competence and specialised insight into a defined area



The student:

  • is capable of planning, carrying out and documenting an independent professional project
  • is capable of using professional knowledge to shape, discuss and choose relevant forms of presentation and communication
  • is capable of familiarising him/herself with the Nordic and international art and culture field, and of using relevant references to structure and formulate independent professional argumentation and positions
  • is capable of reflecting critically on his/her own and others’ practical work in a broader knowledge-based context



The student:

  • is capable of contributing to project development, new ideas and innovation processes
  • is capable of applying his/her knowledge and skills to new fields to carry out advanced tasks and projects

Teaching and learning methods

The teaching comprises project work such as workshops, group work and the students’ own independent work. Lectures and presentations are included in the course. Supervision is provided. Students must participate in teaching activities and group work. High demands are made of independent creative work and critical reflection. The students can choose if they prefer to do obligatory task and exam individually or in a group. 

Course requirements

The following coursework is compulsory and must be approved before the student can take the exam:

  • a plan for the presentation or exhibition of the student’s own project followed by professional argumentation presented orally at seminar with students and teacher. Can be done in a group (max. 4 students). 


Project presentation (individually or in groups of max. four students): exhibition, production, performance or suitable equivalent form of presentation. The process and project must be documented and discussed in accordance with the instructions given in the exam text.

The result of the exam cannot be appealed.



The result of the exam cannot be appealed.

Permitted exam materials and equipment

All aids allowed. 

Grading scale

Grade scale A-F.


Two internal examiners. External examiners are used regularly.

Course contact person

Professor Kristin Bergaust

Overlapping courses

15 ECTS overlap with MEST4320