Course description forDAVE3610 Network and System Administration

Course name in Norwegian
Nettverks- og systemadministrasjon
Study programme
Fall: Bachelorstudium i ingeniørfag - data / Bachelorstudium i informasjonsteknologi / Bachelorstudium i anvendt datateknologi
Year of study
Subject History


The students will acquire theoretical and practical skills in the setup, operation and maintenance of computers in a network. The course builds on the course Operating Systems.

Recommended preliminary courses

The students must be registered in the third year of the programme and have passed the course DATA2500/DATS2500/ITPE2500 Operating Systems or equivalent.

Required preliminary courses


Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the student is expected to have achieved the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and competence:


The student is capable of:

  • explaining the benefits and limitations of different operating systems
  • explaining the installation and configuration of an operating system
  • understanding the principles of user management
  • recognising the security aspects of computers and networks


The student is capable of:

  • installing and configuring an operating system
  • installing and configuring a monitoring system
  • maintaining the operating system and other software
  • installing and configuring a monitoring system
  • collecting data from the monitoring system and analysing collected data
  • using troubleshooting methods in a network
  • developing and implementing backup procedures to prevent loss of data


The student is capable of:

  • developing, maintaining and operating an internal computer network in the enterprise
  • documenting installation procedures and server configurations
  • managing new, existing and terminated users based on the enterprise’s policy
  • managing the robustness and security of a computer network

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures and supervisory sessions. The students will work in groups. Each group normally comprises three students.

Course Requirements



Portfolio assessment subject to the following requirements:

  • two individual assignments (the students submit a completed and virtually configured machine).

The portfolio will be given one final grade. All parts of the portfolio must be evaluated to pass in order to pass the exam.

The exam result can be appealed.

In the event of resit and rescheduled exams, another exam form may also be used or a new assignment given with a new deadline. If oral exams are used, the result cannot be appealed.

Permitted Exam Materials and Equipment


Grading scale

Grade scale A-F.


One internal examiner. External examiners are used regularly.