Course description forDATA2410 Networking and cloud computing

Course name in Norwegian
Datanettverk og skytjenester
Study programme
Fall: Bachelorstudium i ingeniørfag - data / Bachelorstudium i informasjonsteknologi / Bachelorstudium i anvendt datateknologi
Year of study
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In this course, students will acquire knowledge of TCP/IP and various network protocols used on the Internet and acquire insight into the modern cloud computing technology. They will understand what are the components that make up a computer network and how the Internet works. Through practical lab exercises, students will gain knowledge of network data packet structure and virtual infrastructure in the cloud.

Recommended preliminary courses

The course builds on DATA1500 Databases and DATA1600 Program Development, or similar courses.

Required preliminary courses

None for the admission.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the student is expected to have achieved the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence.



The student:


  • is familiar with the main functions of each layer in the TCP/IP model

  • can explain how the most important network protocols work

  • is familiar with the operational and infrastructure-related possibilities that virtualization and cloud-based solutions provide




The student is capable of:


  • configuring computer networks

  • using network tools to study network traffic

  • programming sockets

  • using automation tools to roll out applications and their underlying infrastructure

  • using cloud-based services as a development platform

  • using monitoring systems to monitor the performance and stability of applications and operating environments



General competence:


The student is capable of:


  • understanding and communicating issues relating to networks and computer systems.

  • understanding and communicating the importance and necessity of using good cloud computing methods and technologies

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures and lab exercises. The exercises will be based on individual and group work, supervised by the lecturer or a student assistant.

Course Requirements

The following coursework is compulsory and must be approved before the student can sit the exam:


  • Compulsory lab exercises in a group


Portfolio assessment comprising of the following two parts.


  • one group project (3-4 students, about 20 pages report)

  • one individual assignment (about 20 pages report)


The portfolio will be given one final grade.


The exam result can be appealed. Students who fail must submit a new portfolio for the next ordinary exam.

Permitted Exam Materials and Equipment


Grading scale

Grade scale A-F.


One examiner. External examiners can be used for grading.