DATA1200 Inclusive Web Design Course description

Course name in Norwegian
Webutvikling og inkluderende design
Study programme
Bachelorstudium i ingeniørfag - data / Bachelorstudium i informasjonsteknologi / Bachelorstudium i anvendt datateknologi / Ingeniørutdan. - 3 terminsordning / Årsstudium i IT
Year of study
FALL 2022
Course history


Today, the web and the internet have an important and central social role and are of fundamental importance to those who will have data processing and IT as a profession. In this course, the web will be a platform for establishing knowledge of and skills in ideas, technology and methodology that are central to the professional area of ​​data and IT.

Recommended preliminary courses

None beyond admission requirements.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, the student has defined the following learning outcomes in the form of knowledge, skills and general competence:



  • knows the central role that the web and the internet have in modern data processing
  • is familiar with relevant programming tools and repositories with version control
  • has basic knowledge of and experience with collaboration in software development as a form of work



  • can create user-friendly and universally designed solutions in line with legislation
  • familiarity with the key technologies for web (HTML, CSS)
  • can use current development tools and version control
  • can plan, organize and implement smaller web-based IT projects

General competence


  • can communicate the result of a development work
  • can collaborate in groups

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures and exercises. Students normally collaborate in groups of 3 to 5 (highly recommended) for both the obligatory assignments, as well as the Final assignment (which is graded). The groups are not necessarily the same through the semester.

Self-study with active use of external resources is expected.

Course requirements

The following work requirements are mandatory and must be approved prior to the exam:

  • 2 group submissions


A website (according to requirements given by the course coordinator) developed in groups (recommended: 3-5 students). The assignment text is published minimum 2 weeks in advance.

The site, with HTML, CSS and any supporting files, is given an overall assessment with one grade. Assessment includes an evaluation of the group’s compliance with the task requirements, technical competence, ability to follow national and international standards for web accessibility, content organization and usability, and ability to communicate clearly. 

Exam results can be appealed.

In the case of a new and postponed exam, another form of exam can also be used or a new assignment with a new deadline is given. If an oral examination is used, this cannot be appealed.

Permitted exam materials and equipment

All aids allowed.

Grading scale

Graded scale A-F.


Two internal sensors. External sensor is used regularly.

Overlapping courses

The course is equivalent (overlaps 5 credits) with: DAFE1200, ITPE1200, ADTS1200, LO136A, LO136D and LO136I.