DAPE1300 Discrete Mathematics Course description

Course name in Norwegian
Diskret matematikk
Study programme
Bachelorstudium i ingeniørfag - data / Bachelorstudium i informasjonsteknologi / Bachelorstudium i anvendt datateknologi / Ingeniørutdan. - 3 terminsordning
Year of study
FALL 2022
Course history


A course of this type is included in all computer science programmes of a certain scope. This is an important type of mathematics that is used in several computer disciplines. It is also referred to as computer mathematics. The concepts and techniques the students learn in this course will help to enhance their programming skills and their understanding of many computer technology problems.

Required preliminary courses

No requirements over and above the admission requirements.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the student is expected to have achieved the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


The student is capable of:

  • defining and explaining relevant concepts in logics, set theory, functions, number theory, matrix calculation, proof techniques, sequences and series, combinatorics, relations, graph theory and Boolean algebra
  • explaining relevant formulas and rules of arithmetic



The student is capable of:

  • solving course-specific but also general and complex problems with the help of theory, formulas, statements, rules of arithmetic and techniques taught on the course
  • applying concepts and techniques from the course to relevant computer disciplines


General competence

The student is capable of:

  • informing programmers and others about issues that benefit from the use of discrete mathematics concepts and techniques

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures and individual exercises. The exercises are based on the students’ own work, supervised by the lecturer and/or a student assistant.

Course requirements

The following coursework is compulsory and must be approved before the student can sit the exam:

  • 3 compulsory written assignments to be solved in groups of 2 - 4 people. Time spent per assignment will vary between 5 - 15 hours depending on the participants' knowledge and professional prerequisites.


Individual written exam, 3 hours

The exam result can be appealed.

Permitted exam materials and equipment

A handheld calculator that cannot be used for wireless communication or to perform symbolic calculations. If the calculator’s internal memory can store data, the memory must be deleted before the exam. Random checks may be carried out.

Grading scale

Grade scale A-F.


One internal examiner. External examiners are used regularly.