Course description forØAMET2200 Business Decision-Making Using Data


This course aims to provide students with an understanding of how data and statistical analysis can improve economic, managerial and business decision making. Students will learn how to develop empirical questions, to find and collect relevant quantitative data, and apply appropriate statistical methods, and ultimately, to make better business and policy decisions. The course will draw on a wide range of business and economic applications, such as finance, advertising, internet retailing and human resources.

Recommended preliminary courses

ØAMET1100 or equivalent

Required preliminary courses

No prerequisites.

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge: The student has
    • A theoretical understanding of quantitative methods for analyzing data
    • An understanding of the role of empirical evidence in evaluating economic, managerial, and business problems
    • An understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of alternative statistical methods 
  • Skills: The student can
    • Formulate empirical questions
    • Gather or obtain data
    • Conduct statistical analysis using software
    • Interpret statistical results
  • General Competence: The student can 
    • Think critically and understand the role of assumptions in arguments 
    • Communicate effectively about economic, managerial, and business issues
    • Develop a well-organized argument that states assumptions and hypothesis, which are supported by evidence

Teaching and learning methods

The course will be taught through lectures and in-class exercises. The course will also make use of software for data analysis. 

Course Requirements

There will be five problem sets. Problem sets may be submitted individually or in groups of up to four students. All five problem sets must be approved before the student can take the final exam. If a problem set is not approved on the first attempt, the student will be allowed to re-submit the problem set once. Further information regarding submission and due dates will be provided during the semester. 


Individual written 4-hour exam will be held at the end of the semester. 

Permitted Exam Materials and Equipment

A list of reference aids allowed will be published on our website. 

Grading scale

Letter grading A to F.


An external examiner will, together with the internal examiner, grade the final exam.

Course information

Course name in Norwegian
Business Decision-Making Using Data
Study programme
Fall: Bachelorstudium i økonomi og administrasjon
7.5 ECTS
Year of study
FALL 2019
FALL 2019
Programme description
Fall 2019: Bachelorstudium i økonomi og administrasjon
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