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The Humanist Chaplain at OsloMet

The humanist chaplain is someone you can go to when you experience something difficult or just need someone to talk to. You can think together about ethical or existential topics such as identity, friendship, choices, the meaning of something, love, grief or loneliness.

Else Werring is the Humanist Chaplain at OsloMet

Studenthumanisten ved OsloMet

The humanist chaplain aims to provide spaces for students to meet to explore ethical and existential challenges imminent in their lives as students. 

The service is a supplement to the existing counselling and welfare services for students in Oslo.  Else is a humanistc counsellor employed by The Norwegian Humanist Association

Else shares office with the university chaplain at OsloMet in Pilestredet where she will be present on Fridays and otherwise every now and then. You can also take a walk with Else, meet her at a café, or book an online conversation with her. Please send an e-mail to make an appointment. 

Contact the Humanist chaplain

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Telephone: +47 92 61 27 26