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Three female students sitting on some stairs on campus talking to eachother.

Photo: Skjalg Bøhmer Vold

Are you tired of meeting digitally? Ideas for where you can meet others.

The academic year has started again, and a lot of it is digital. Here is some inspiration to where and how you can meet physically when you need to.

Open campus

- Something I want to highlight is that the libraries on campus are open. They also have courses and other offers, says Åse Berg Dybvik head of the learning environment in the Student Parliament.

If you need to vary where you study, it is now possible to go to campus and find a place to study at one of the libraries. More about events, courses and opening hours for the library can be found here (

Colloquium groups, social meetings or group work may not always be as suitable at the library. If you need to talk together, several of SiO's cafeterias are also open on campus. You can buy a good lunch and sit at a distance to eat and talk together in the cafeterias. Opening hours for campus and cafeterias here.

Coffee time

It is not only in the cafeteria that you can get a cup of coffee. Åse Berg Dybvik, head of the learning environment in the Student Parliament, says that "Kaffetid", which is a social event arranged by the student pastor at OsloMet, will soon start up again.

-It is every Thursday outside P52 between 14-16 and free coffee / tea is distributed. At Kjeller, it is distributed on Fridays between 11-13. It is open to everyone and you can have a chat about whatever you want. I recommend everyone to stop by!

Creative forms of meeting

Are you going to write a bachelor's or master's thesis this year? Then you may be able to find new and creative way to meet your supervisor or group. For example, you can meet outdoors in the fresh air.

-Last week I had a ski trip meeting with a research fellow, after the research fellow who loves cross-country skiing suggested it. It was dense snow drifts and a pleasant and useful meeting, says Professor Fredrik Thue at the Center for the Study of Professions.

-The form of the meeting fit well in relation to his needs. My fellow could update me on status, production and what kind of follow-up he needed.

If a ski trip is a little too ambitious for you, then maybe you can go for a walk in one of Oslo's many parks.


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